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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Giuliani as president would mean advisors like Alan Placa, the pedophile priest/attorney who created Church policy for pedophile priests

By Kay Ebeling

A New York grand jury ends its report on Alan Placa, pedophile priest, with these words: “Ironically, Priest F would later become instrumental in development of Diocesan policy in response to allegations of sexual abuse of children by priests.” Irony? More like criminal conspiracy. Below are more quotes from Suffolk County about Placa, who today whispers in Rudy Giuliani’s ear, plus an interview with Richard Tollner, one of Placa’s more vocal accusers.

This guy Placa is so devious. He's also Rudy's "long time friend." Placa who diddled little boys when no one was looking, got the church to send him to law school as a young priest, so he could craft legal strategy for the church’s handling of pedophile priests. He also created a devious MO for handling those pesky parish families who make complaints against the priests, and ways to keep the settlements as low as possible.

Imagine what Placa could do as President Giuliani’s advisor: he finds out an American city is going to be attacked and responds by moving the enemy’s cells into new cities before the bombs hit. Then he convinces families of the dead that the bomb never went off in the first place so they really don’t need any reparations. That's how he handled his fellow pedophile priests and their accusers.

Usually pedophiles target children who are meek, not likely to stop their advances. Placa miscalculated when he went after the teenaged Richard Tollner. The January 2003 Grand Jury Report described it: “The tragic death of a victim’s father led, finally, to the end of Priest F’s sexual abuse of him. At the funeral home, Priest F approached the boy and the boy told Priest F, ‘Don’t ever fucking touch me again or I’ll kill you.’"

How Tollner Describes It

Tollner described the funeral scene in a recent phone call: “My father had just died and I said, you know what, it’s all over now. He happened to be walking behind me and I poked him and said, ‘I’ll fucking hill you.’ “He said nothing I said nothing.”

With new determination, Tollner and a friend “picked a teacher we thought we could trust and brought it to the attention of the rector. All these years later the teacher denies we said anything to him.

“We turned Placa in the last week of April 1977,” Tollner said. “We turned him in again in May at the senior school retreat. I was told it would be taken care of.” He graduated, went to college, and went on with his life.

Then in 2002 a friend asked, “Hey, guess who’s handling the sex abuse crisis in the church?”

Tollner said "Placa" joking.

The friend said, “It is and I’m not joking.”

TOLLNER: "I found out this guy was still serving in the priesthood and I thought that's not possible. I thought they’d taken care of it."

“So I came forward.”

More of what happened to Tollner after this:

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The case of Alan Placa is complicated. I keep getting mixed up as I do research and I end up writing long convoluted headlines when I finally do post.

I go to read documents about his pedophilia and find myself reading about his work as an attorney for the Roman Catholic Church of the United States, as legal consultant to House of Affirmation in Massachusetts among other things.

Placa crafted church policy for handling pedophiles while he was a pedophile himself.

Those words in the last paragraph about Priest F, in the Suffolk County Grand Jury Report jumped out at me. “Priest F would later become instrumental in development of Diocesan policy in response to allegations of sexual abuse of children by priests.”

How can mainstream media overlook something that blatant!!!!

The Grand Jury also reported Placa's collusion as an attorney:

“Do not disclose that I’m an attorney for the diocese,”

“There’s proven church documents,” says Tollner. “Read the June 2002 article in Newsday.

Placa would visit families of pedophile priest crime victims as a priest, not informing them he was an attorney for the diocese as well. The report has documents where he says, "Don't let them know I'm an attorney."

There’s an internal memo in same grand jury report where he states he severely reduced settlements.

It's all at bishop accountability dot org in several places.

The grand jury heard from 97 witnesses and reported that Placa’s main accomplishment was getting the diocese to settle potentially multimillion-dollar sex-abuse cases for $20,000 to $100,000.

When Tollner's friend told him Placa was on a review board to hear about complaints about pedophile priests in the diocese, Tollner went to the news media (after talking it over with his mother. Tollner also says he won't file a civil suit. The money would just be coming from people like his mother.)

Several stories ran in local media before the DA approached Tollner to talk to a grand jury.
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“I can’t say where I testified because of security," Tollner said. "They brought us in through eight different doorways and through hallways and we were incognito and in disguise. To get into the building, from the parking lot into chair where I testified took 30 minutes.

“The people in the jury I felt sorry for them. When I came in, you could tell they were prepared to hear something horrible, like they’d heard so much before mine. They heard 50 cases in one summer.”

Tollner keeps using the word “considerate” to describe how law enforcement treated the crime victims.

“The Suffolk County DA, they were kind, considerate gave us time to do what we needed to do,” Tollner said. “They followed up with us three times the next week, calling the next day to ask how are you feeling, do you have any feedback, a few months later wanted to make sure we were okay.”

No wonder so many Americans have given up on religion in favor of just being human.

Tollner’s accusations against Placa, after this:

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What did you say to the grand jury, I asked.

“The circumstances,” said Tollner.

“Simply put -- school was closed one day and a couple of us were called in to make right to life posters.” It was a regular high school gym at St. Pius on Long Island, where more than half the teachers have PhDs from places like Harvard, MIT, about half clergy, half layman.

“I wanted to go there,” Tollner says, “I strongly considered the priesthood, and even to this day would consider it again. I’ve been on a church board for 10 years in Upstate New York.”

Placa’s acts as a deviant predator pedophile are very revealing of his character.

Hold up your knee, pick up a book, hide what you're doing, and talk about something else while you're doing it so the victim is confused and unable to fight you off.

The way Placa preyed on Tollner is so similar to so many other attacks by Pedophile Priests

You’d think they had child molesters handbooks hidden in their Catechism:

“He said: You're laying on the floor, why don’t you consider doing the posters somewhere else. I said where and he goes, I’ll show you.”

Tollner describes their convoluted walk down a hall, out the front of the building, into another building to find a place “to put the posters up on a counter at chest level,” to make it easier to work.

“Then he starts pointing towards all the posters with one hand and I realized he’s feeling me with the other hand.

“And he continues talking about magic markers and posters and telling me what to do with the posters while he’s feeling me. You don’t have a chance to speak or say anything.

“It went on for a long period of time like 10 minutes and then he’s like well we've had enough with these posters, let’s go back to the auditorium.

Tollner proved his point 20 years later:

“I went back to the building four weeks ago and sure enough 10 feet away from where we were doing the posters was a stage that was chest high. We could have done the posters right there but he chose to walk over 100 steps away.

“The next time was after hours and he positioned himself where his body was blocking anyone’s view and he was showing something me in a thesaurus, being authoritative, talking, and you couldn't get a word in edgewise.

“I wasn’t mature enough to even know it was sexual.”

. . . . .

What kind of presidential advisor would Alan Placa be:

Another Criminal Presidency Is Possible,
8 More Years of Criminals in Office!

If Alan Placa is advising him, we can count on a Giuliani presidency full of deceit. People who align with perpetrators or the enemy will suddenly have full bank accounts. criminals and American enemies who Giuliani “likes” will thrive no matter how vile their crimes, and you can count on the interests of the parishioners, or the American people, being way down at the bottom of the priorities list. In short a Guiliani Presidency will look a lot like the Catholic Church in the way it handled pedophile priests.

Read the grand jury report at:


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