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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Geoghan’s murderer names priests who molested him; Riverside Sheriff hunts Father Dominguez, fugitive pedophile; another day in the life of the church

By Kay Ebeling

I thank God daily for landing me here with this story to write. Every document I open, every hearing I attend, another drama plays out in front of me. This week we find another fugitive priest who's fled to Mexico. Plus Fr. John Geoghan’s murderer forwarded a second poem and this one names the seminarians who molested him. Ah the joys of researching sex crimes in the Catholic Church.

The January trial concerns crimes of former Salesian Religious Order priest Jesus Armando Dominguez. The Riverside County DA believes “Father Jesse” fled to Mexico in January 2005 right before he was charged with 58 counts of sex crimes against minors. If he’s ever caught and convicted he could serve 43 years in prison. “The Warrant is still outstanding on Dominguez, all documents have been under seal since July 12 2005,” is all a Riverside DA spokeswoman would say by phone.

In court Tuesday Judge Haley Fromholz denied plaintiffs’ motion to compel the Riverside Sheriff’s Department to comply with their subpoena for records on Dominguez. (Case #BC308472) Last week the the Bishop of Riverside tried to get the jury trial continued from its January 28, 2008 date, but Judge Fromholz refused.

“These documents are confidential because it’s an ongoing criminal investigation where the suspect is still a fugitive,” an attorney for the Riverside County Sheriff said in the hearing Tuesday morning.

There are four more hearings Wednesday morning on unresolved issues stemming from the LA settlements last July and City of Angels will be there.

I came home to find another email with a poem from Joseph Druce. Read it after this:

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I came home to find another email with a poem from Joseph Druce, the prison inmate who found himself conveniently placed in the cell next door to Fr. John Geoghan’s cell last year.

In this poem Druce names two seminarians from the Boston area who he claims sexually molested him when he was a teenager at a school outside Boston.

My friend who is his advocate wrote:

“Joseph Druce was not the only one that murdered Geoghan. It takes a lot of time and reading, and watching those videos in sequence, being able to see all the cell doors open, (against policy) only one Correction officer on duty (against policy) and it took Officer Lonergan long enough to call for help??????? while he knew Druce was in Geoghan's cell killing him?????"

By Joseph L Druce

Psychotherapy and medications are only the beginning to healing
I see a major piece of the healing process is to be understood
So I speak and write this poem for all to feel through me

The Shame I felt pushed me to ease the pain with booze and drugs
My crimes cost society, my incarceration cost society, as do many others
Pain, shame, confusion though they still thrive within me daily

Confrontation, sharing my deep dark dirty secret helps me
How you may ask? Pressure released that was hidden for many years
outcast, thoughts they'd think I am gay, a deviant myself worked me

Even my father told me to hush, Don't bring shame on us, he'd take care of it
But he didn't, he left me at the hands of the seminary priests to abuse me
I call out the names of them. Men who sexually and physically abused me.

Edward Solomon, John Schmidt, (seminarians)
Peter David LaChapelle, David Moore

all sexual predators who hurt me
with their pleasurous perversions.
My own father Danna Smiledge (senior)
who physically beat me,
the rest you will be named soon enough

We can be restored to sound health, But our minds are the issue

Minds that need people to understand it wasn't our fault, these abuses
don't outcast us with delusions of us, the victims, being damaged people

Help us heal our minds from these same coercions that have diluted us all
Become aware, and talk of the sexual abuses and demand a mass healing


Why are these poems running at City of Angels blog?

Because there but for fortune go I.

When news broke last year of Druce’s murdering Geoghan I was at my computer screen nodding, just short of cheering. I understand Druce’s anger. I understand the rage at injustice.

These criminal priests have got to realize what they did was more than cum all over us -- they splattered and stained the entire span of the United States and they have to become accountable.

Or face it, more angry crime victims will act out like Druce.


Motion to enforce subpoenas on the San Francisco District Attorney, the Oakland Police Department, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, re case BC307275, re Ruben Martinez, (“Fr. Martinez”), part of the ongoing efforts to get documents relevant to the July 16th settlements in Los Angeles.

Also in court Wednesday: Motion to Compel testimony at deposition of Roy Mungaray, regarding Salesians cases going to trial November 5th (Case Nos. BCBC308301 & BC308555)

City of Angels Lady will be there.

More to Come. . .

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