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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aarrrgggh sometimes you've just got to rant and rave

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By Kay Ebeling

With teeth clenched I snarl into the phone, “Who gives a sh--, what the f-- difference does it make.” Same reaction I’ve had every time someone’s pointed out an error in logic from a recent blog, as the Salesians are, in fact, not totally part of the Catholic Church. (See EXTRA: Salesians not part of Catholic Church, Oct. 14) Then in that Catholic tone of voice begins the lecture on hierarchy and the difference between a brother and a priest --

And I’m snarling into the phone. “I don't care if he’s a brother or a priest or a monk or a bishop, AND do you think the mom who’s kid got raped cares if he’s called a priest or a brother?” Alarmed at my own level of rage I stop and look at it more closely. “Because no matter what, the conversation then veers off and you're talking about the hierarchy of the church and who reports to who and you're not talking about the real problem, the pedophile priests."

“So cut through the crap?”

“Yeah, Cut through the crap.” I shout so loud the neighbors suddenly get quiet.

Once a week anger management doesn't seem to be enough for me these days as I do research on sex crimes in the Catholic Church. I contemplate the wrestling team in a eatern United States Catholic School, a very expensive Catholic school by the way, where parents were sacrificing a lot to pay the tuition, and the boys took part in the wrestling team in some cases because their parents thought it was healthy and good for the soul. Then a Catholic priest, kept the kids after matches for liquor and drugs and whatever he could get away with.

Or worse, when I hear about the Salesians attorney in Joey Piscitelli’s case who was questioning Joey’s father and when the deposition had to end because the elder Piscitelli started to have a heart attack, the Salesians attorney stormed to the judge days later to demand that the deposition continue.

This from the same Catholic Church attorneys, yes you are, you are all the same, who called off depositions every time one of their "aging" priests coughed.

Then comes the respite and healing of laughter as I also think of this same Salesians attorney, Lala Nourami, who will be litigating the Salesians cases November 5 in LA.

Attorney Nourami made the entire courtroom break out in quiet laughter when she tried to argue in Joey’s case something like “a man masturbating in front of a young boy is not child abuse.” I mean a San Francisco courtroom laughed at that.

"A man masturbating in front of a young boy is not sexual abuse."

That's the quality of litigation we can expect from these Salesian ghouls.

Yes, Lala, I know I have your name spelled wrong. So what?

Can’t wait to report what Nourani pulls here in LA.

That's Lala Nourami with the very Middle Eastern face and undecipherable accent. “I spent time in England” is all she’ll admit, and wherever she's really from, she’s obviously devoid of a hint of American justice and ethics, just going to plow over the plaintiffs in these cases.

But guess what, Lala, and Courtney, and Blondie, and Puffy, all from the unnamed firm, you're not getting any free press from me, in Century City.

I’m going to be there writing about every dereliction of legal ethics you carry out in these upcoming trials. I’m going to describe the tone of your voice and the look on your face, and then give the backstory of the underlying hatred and total abandonment with which you must live your life to be able to even defend a client like this.

See you guys in court at pretrial hearings next week. Can't wait 'til the jury trial November 5, if you are stupid enough to go through with it and not just SETTLE damn it and admit you are harboring a population of perverted men who you are so inept you continued to put them in teaching positions? Just give it up, Salesians, cash in, sell whatever you have and walk away with your tails between your legs.

Ah yes, anger is managed with laughter. Bishop Niederauer in San Francisco gave Communion to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and pretended like they were a surprise to him? When he spends hours of his life hanging around the Castro District with all the transvestites and flaming gays?

Why can’t these people just be honest?


Say: We did this horrible thing and we're going to sell a couple cathedrals to raise money for recovery centers to put all over the country.

No instead they lie and say they need money from the parishioners to raise money for their expenses from their “Compassionate outreach” to the victims of this crime?

I’ll tell you about compassionate outreach.

The ONLY time the Catholic Church responded to me about restitution was in 2003, when MY DAUGHTER AND I WERE HOMELESS.

The Feelings deficient nun Sister Patricia of the LA Archdiocese whatever program, whatever the hell it is they call their outreach for “survivor” program.

(We're not survivors we're crime victims!

Victim is an angry word.

Survivor means meek weak and lying on your side “healing.”)


That damn Sister Patricia walked around the block with me, took all my information, saw my daughter and me running out of money in a weekly rental motel, and


I called Sister Patricia at the LA Archdiocese on Christmas Eve 2004 and begged, “Please. My daughter was RAPED LAST NIGHT. Help us get into a shelter.”



After TWO YEARS in shelters, we got into an apartment I finally and hooked up the computer and phones and I was finally able to hold a private conversation so I contacted the Chicago Archdiocese again.

“We're sorry,” they told me, “because of your contact with Sister Patricia in 2004, the clock started. It’s been more than 1.5 years so you no longer are eligible to file a claim in Chicago.”

So they DID NOTHING but since they talked to me for 30 minutes, all my chances to file a claim and get any justice in the financial arena are destroyed.

Since then the Archdiocese in Chicago no longer takes my calls. They don’t have to, I am no threat to them.

I have no idea how Sister Patricia even knew how to contact me when we were homeless.
Only ones who knew where we were was SNAP.

I looked at Tommaso Sanqueero or whatever his name is, Father Tommasso the little queen who was caught on tape in the Vatican approaching a young man for sex

In the Vatican -- in a Vatican office, on the Vatican grounds.

Look for his picture in the news stories. He looks just like Martin Short playing the role of a closeted queer priest in the Vatican.

God, sometimes, is a casting director

Just to remind us He has a sense of humor too.

This blog is such therapy for me, no commercials this post.


Anonymous said...

"It's time for the laity to call for zero tolerance for the bishops," said Peg Clark, president of Voice of the Faithful Southwest Florida, the local chapter of a national group formed two years ago to promote greater public involvement in church decisions.
"The crisis is no longer a crisis in the priesthood, it's a crisis in the hierarchy. The bishops have been inept, negligent, they've allowed this conduct to continue by moving (abusive) priests from parish to parish."
Peg, dear the crisis is just starting!
In a recent article there is a quote: Stephen Blaire, bishop of the Diocese of Stockton. But, he added, the church is committed to ensuring it doesn't happen again.
"Our children are safe," he said. "We will make every effort to reach out to victims. "
The first of these statements is an unwarranted assertion and not based on any facts of which I am aware. There are children still being abused in almost every diocese on a weekly or even daily basis. Child molesters don't voluntarily stop molesting children (don't take my word for it check with any bone fide expert in the field).
The second statement is an outright falsehood. What steps has the church taken? How have they reached out, What new information does this report contain? Would they stake their existence on the fact that there are NO other incidents of child sexual abuse other than the ones enumerated within in this self survey?
I can tell you, they haven't reached out to me. Nor to the other two men that have so far come forward to acknowledge surviving abuse at the hands of the same "priest". That is 3. Experts will tell you that the "average" child molester will commit 120 (+/-) offences before he is caught AND STOPPED! That means that my perpetrator has approximately 117 victims that have not been able to acknowledge their survival, or maybe some didn't survive.
And what of our "3 victim child molester" , Thomas Marshall, now that there is public allegations of his serial abuse? If you call the rectory at St. Peter's Church, he may answer the phone in Ontario Canada where he is retired next to a secondary school! Because criminal charges were dropped in California due to the recent Supreme Court ruling leaving only civil charges which the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is intent on settling. They will include a "shut up clause" they will not have to acknowledge or change a thing. I dont think that the boys at that school in Canada are "safe". Apparently the bishop does.
To my knowledge, there was not one reported case in the entire John Jay Study that was not previously known by the media or legal authorities. The majority of included cases are "1 victim molesters". Do I hear anyone say bullshit (pardon my French)? They tried it once and didn't like it? They never did it again? Spontaneous remission? This truly is a miracle. (And I thought the age of miracles was over!) This abuse has a 20-40 year self destructive incubation period. VICTIMS CANT COME FORWARD! Laws limiting statute of limitations for these violations are fundamentally unjust!
Clergy Sex Abuse, this betrayal by your spiritual representative is not a crime in the accepted sense. Because of the standing that clergy holds among most religious families when sexual molestation by "Gods representative" occurs, it severs your connection with your society. That means with you, your siblings, with your playmates and friends, your family, your neighborhood, your community, your school, eventually with your job(s), with any (all) relationships you attempt, your country, your church with your soul. And these are the results of the gentle molesters. Not the ones who rape children anally with crucifixes and tell them they are evil children! Or the nuns who say if you mention it again your tongue will burn forever in hell. That is some kind or outreach. I am glad I haven't heard from them.
There is a reason that drug abuse and anti social acts, with the resulting increase in incarceration, have been dramatically increasing. THE CHURCH SHOULD REIMBURSE SOCIETY!
The John Jay release was not an audit, nor was it a report, it was a self-survey enumerating (not even detailing) known cases of Clergy child sexual molestation! What the hell are we celebrating? What happens when the other 117(*4600) victims show up? Not to mention the rest of the unreported but known molesters! Oh and the ones no one knows about! Will we say our diocese only had 46% molesters better that the average of 53%. Can there possibly be 562,000 victims? Probably not but there are many more than 11,000.
How about the children that were molested at church today? Are they safe? I guess the church is reaching out to them. Too Bad.

Survivor of Clergy Abuse Lost Angels, Ca.

city of angels lady said...

Thankyou I agree with everything you said. It's astonishing how many cases are unreported, on no data base, and under the radar.

city of angels lady said...

AND where are the rest of the 'survivors"? A lot of them didn't survive. This is a crime. We are crime victims.

Cholo Picante said...

Why not just call Niederhauer a QUEER. There are lots of Snapsters & supporters who are not "flaming gays & transvetites" but we are Queer!
I think that Cardinal Levada is his lover. After all, they plan to play house together when they retire and live miserably ever after.

Joey Piscitelli is right on! Tell it like it is Joey, no mercy. You forgot to mention many of the child molesting Salesians live about 1 block from Sacred Heart High School in San Francisco.

John said...

The piece of filth to which you refer, the Salesian attorney with the ferret-like countenance and indecipherable accent, is Iranian. Woe unto all Persians....