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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

With perpetrators like Mark Falvey and Paul Shanley, there have to be more victims in LA of predator priests. Settlement not the end of the story

By Kay Ebeling
How many people believe there was only one person in Riverside diocese, then part of the LA Archdiocese, raped and sexually demeaned for life by the Rev. Paul Shanley while he was living in Palm Springs in the 1990s? Anyone? Anyone? What about victims of Father Mark Falvey who preyed on children at Blessed Sacrament School in the 1960s and 70s? Do you really think the nine people who quietly settled for $14 million dollars last May were the only victims of Mark Falvey on that Hollywood elementary school playground?

The LA Archdiocese got off so easy with the recent settlement because the stories of 500-plus plaintiffs’ experience with priests -- the details of how these demonic men mixed religious sacraments with mind-control while raping children over and over again -- will now not be told in open court as so many of us were anticipating.

Plus I’m certain there are numerous damaged humans wandering around Los Angeles today who are untreated victims of this crime, with no legal recourse. Many of them are probably a few blocks away from me right now on Santa Monica Boulevard selling their bodies for another night’s survival. In all the interviews I’ve seen about LA plaintiffs, I’ve never seen one with a homeless prostitute drug addict, which in my observation, is a state many pedophile priest rape crime victims end up living their lives.

Our stories haven’t even begun to come out
There are more stories of those of us who survive at a sort of subterranean level.

Flashbacks forever fill my head and thanks to this blog I’ve found a way to connect them with what's going on today. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about a night in the mid-1980s when I was particularly out of my mind drunk and on whatever combination of drugs I’d found that night. I wandered up Sunset Boulevard in the area around the night clubs and bars that used to be called The Strip.

Soon I was in a liquor store and the Iranian guys who ran it could tell I was out of my mind drunk and high. I wandered around looking a lot like Little Annie Fannie in those days.

So the liquor store guys opened this door in the floor and I totally willingly went downstairs into the basement and got gang banged by all of them, I’m not even sure how many. This kind of experience was so ordinary for me in those days that I even at one point took a time out to run upstairs and into the store to get a bag of cashew nuts. (Have lived always with eating disorders as well.)

I post that experience not to brag or beg for sympathy but as a demonstration of what the experience of rape by a Catholic priest at age five or so does to a human being, the damage that goes all the way down to the core of the soul. I walked voluntarily into situations like gang bangs several times in my life almost like I was in a hypnotic state.

That priest in Bartlett, Illinois filled my head at age five with fantasies about having sex with lots of strange men. He was teaching me the sacrament of Confession. At age six I didn't understand what the “impure thoughts” were that we were supposed to confess. So Father Thomas Barry Horne filled my head with his fantasies as an explanation.

And I incorporated those fantasies into my life.
As a result I never experienced anything like what we know of as success in my life.
I was always losing my job for having sex with too many men, or men I barely knew, men in positions of power, or close to men in power or just anybody.


It’s hard for me to believe that the well fed well washed individuals that get paraded out to the media as “survivors” at every pedophile priest media event are really demonstrative of the population of priest rape crime victims all over the world.

In the last two years, first posting a lot on message boards then starting this blog, I’ve met some really screwed up people who were raped by priests as kids, and many of them have never held a job, never had a successful marriage.

And never been able to even get it together to file a civil lawsuit.

A lot of victims still might not even know they have a civil case against the church.

I was looking forward to the trials so these stories would start to come out and be written in the mainstream media. If a person testifies in court it’s much more likely to appear in mainstream media.

(All these stories are in the court documents but it’s a lot of work to dig up those documents. You can’t expect fulltime paid mainstream media reporters to work that hard.)

In LA today Baker and Wempe are among the few perpetrators’ names that have appeared in any major media. A few other priests names were spelled out to reporters and then written into news stories after the July 16th settlement.

How many other victims of this crime are out there in LA today? How many had their indoctrination at the hands of an LA archdiocese priest, but they didn't even know the opportunity was there to file a lawsuit?
ESPECIALLY considering some of the cases that were settled.

Consider Paul Shanley and Mark Falvey, after this

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ONE PLAINTIFF came forward who was a victim of Rev. Paul Shanley. One. Just One.

In 1990 The famous Boston pedophile aka “hippie priest” for his street outreach work in the psychedelic seventies, Paul Shanley was transferred to a parish in Lake Arrowhead as a "priest in good standing" who has "no problem that would be a concern to your diocese." No one from Boston mentioned the series of anomalies in Shanley's file dating from 1967.

As a part time priest Shanley performed Mass once in a while in Lake Arrowhead and his official residence was the St. Anne’s rectory. But Shanley spent most his time at the gay motel The Cabana Club that he owned with his predator pervert priest partner Jack White.

The one, count them, one plaintiff in the LA cases who filed a lawsuit because of Paul Shanley said that the priest encouraged him to have sex with as many men as possible out there by the pool and surrounding alleys near the Cabana Club in Palm Springs.

Do you believe for one minute that there is only one crime victim in Southern California with a case regarding Paul Shanley? Has anyone ever gone to Palm Springs and wandered the streets interviewing people and asking them if they remember Shanley and do they know of any children that he raped while he plundered through Palm Springs in the 1990s?

(I’d go with a video camera and find the whole story and post it here as a video blog, someday)

The priest with candy in his vestment pockets, after this.

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Then there is the case of Mark Falvey who was priest and teacher in the 1960s and 70s at a Hollywood Catholic institution on Sunset Boulevard, the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, and its adjacent elementary school. According to a complaint filed in 2003 by plaintiff attorney Venus Soltan, Falvey “took a special interest in select boys, most of them small for their age.”

Falvey “Made himself well liked among students” reads the original complaint.

He carried candy in his vestment pockets. Falvey would encourage children attending Defendant Doe 2 (Blessed Sacrament School) to put their hands in his pockets to get the candy. “Falvey would often encourage the children to do this even though he no longer had candy in his pockets as a ploy to be touched by children near genitals,” reads one original complaint.

There MUST be more cases of abuse by Mark Falvey.

On May 17 of this year the Jesuits announced they were paying $14 million dollars to nine plaintiffs. Falvey’s case hadn’t even gone into discovery and they paid out $14 million to nine people.

To shut them up?

Has anyone ever heard anything more about Father Mark Falvey? Now that the trials are canceled, we probably won’t.

What about all the other children who spent time with Father Falvey in the hundred year old halls and crevices of Blessed Sacrament Church on Sunset Boulevard in the middle of Hollywood when Falvey served the church in the 1960s and 1970s?

I have a real strong gut feeling there are more than nine victims of Mark Falvey wandering around LA today.

Meeting September 9th -- see left hand column of this blog for details.

More to Come. . .

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Re Christ: Don’t Trust Anything Written after 100 AD; plus New Group to Meet in September to Produce Something Creative About Pedophile Priest Crime

"I’m not saying it did not happen, and I’m not saying it did happen, because there has been literally no discovery in this lawsuit.”
-- Church Attorney Jim Geoly of Chicago who represents the Carmelites, spinning the LA settlements.

Advice from Dr. Phil to Cardinal Mahony: See below

By Kay Ebeling
Been thinking a lot about the origin of this “sex problem” in the church with the priests. Going back to the actual definition and origin of the words: priest, secret, and sacred.

Someone told me recently that one of the most revolutionary ideas delivered by Christ was: “We are all priests.” Instead of having to go through layers of human hierarchy and sacramental rites as in times BC, through Christ you just open your heart and talk directly to God. That democratization of religion was the main reason they crucified him.

So how did the Catholic Church end up with a structure that is almost the opposite of what it says to do in the New Testament?

The answer is: Don’t trust anything written about Christ after 100 AD.

About a meeting September 9th 2007

I’ve been frustrated for awhile because the main organization for priest rape survivors keeps starting support groups in the suburbs but there’s nothing here in Hollywood. So anyone who wants to meet with me and try to start something unique to LA, the first meeting will be Sunday September 9th at the Starbucks corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon.

Aside from a support group, I’m hoping we can put together something creative, like a play based on the Clergy Case documents. Believe me there is plenty of material there. Plays are cheaper than film. We could perform our play somewhere, anywhere, in a park. And tape it. Then put the play on a blog.

Now that might get results.

People tell me to quit complaining about that national support group and start something on my own. So that's what this meeting September 9th is about. Anyone can come, anyone interested in producing something, a TV show, a film, a play, a musical -- something -- to get the story about what really happened in the back rooms of the churches out to the public.

But no secrets. That's critical. No secrets. All this whole corruption in the Catholic Church is the result of too many secrets.

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Why No Secretiveness:
It's the Root of All the Problems in the Church:

From Onlinne Etymology Dictionary

(The secrets led to the sacraments led to the sacriligeous acts in the sacristies.)


1378 (n.), 1399 (adj.), from L. secretus "set apart, withdrawn, hidden," originally pp. of secernere "to set apart," from se- "without, apart," prop. “on one's own” (from PIE *sed- see idiom) + cernere "separate"

c.1300, from pp. of obs. verb sacren "to make holy" (c.1225), from O.Fr. sacrer (12c.), from L. sacrare "to make sacred, consecrate," from sacer (gen. sacri) "sacred, dedicated, holy, accursed," from O.L. saceres, which Tucker connects to base *saq- "bind, restrict, enclose, protect," explaining that "words for both 'oath' & 'curse' are regularly words of 'binding.' "

O.E. halig "holy," from P.Gmc. *khailagas (cf. O.N. heilagr, Ger. heilig, Goth. hailags "holy"), adopted at conversion for L. sanctus.
The History of Paeophilia in the Catholic Church Rests on Secrecy

It stands to reason: How do they keep these “celibate” guys from going totally insane because of having to give up this very basic part of human life, sexuality.

Why not just give them access to children who will never know what hit them?

Problem was humans started living way past 40 and these truths started to come out. It’s weird how so many people never even become cognizant that being raped by a priest was being “raped” and not alright until they get past 40 years old.

It’s Not That There Weren’t Pedophiles in the Priesthood the last Thousand Years:

People are Just Living Long Enough Today To Talk About Them.

Part of the reason the stories of pedophile priests are only coming out today is because people are living longer. Up to the 1950s most the priest rape crime victims didn't make it to an age old enough to be able to look at the rapes with wisdom and a mature perspective.

So -- we've only just begun.

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Couldn't resist transcribing this from a recent Dr. Phil show. He’s talking about why a woman can’t forgive her husband not just for cheating, but cheating with her sister.

As we crime victims have a hard time accepting an apology from Mahony, when it’s not a truly heartfelt apology and it doesn't reflect the deep wounds and deep damage done by these crimes.
I changed a few words so Dr. Phil is talking to Mahony here and not the cheating husband. It helps explain why priest rape crime victims keep hounding the church for justice:

DR. PHIL: “It’s that itch you can’t scratch that wound that won’t heal because you're not getting what you need.

“Until we believe that you understand what this did to our lives, that you understand the gravity of what you took away from us when you allowed this to happen, we will never be able to begin to let this go.

“Because we will not understand that you get what you did.

“You ran this church off in the ditch and it’s your job to clean it up. And here’s how you do that.

“You do that by truly listening, not explaining. . . not denying, not arguing facts. It’s about feelings at this point. Everything you do for the next years will be about how you made them feel and how you make them feel.

“You've got to be trustworthy, you've got to tell the truth about everything, anything, everything that you did.”

TO Cardinal Mahony: Practice that advice from Dr. Phil for the next couple decades and maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to look at the Catholic Church as something other than total evil. . . someday, but for me, it’s nowhere near that place today.

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Apologists for the Church Couldn't Wait Even A Week:
Thanks to the LA Settlements in a Lot of Cases, we'll Never Know the truth:

And the church spin is to take advantage of that lack of knowledge:

“There is nothing in this case that has been developed in the way of evidence so far. I’m not saying it did not happen, and I’m not saying it did happen, because there has been literally no discovery in this lawsuit.”
-- Church Attorney Jim Geoly of Chicago who represents the Carmelites.

On a More Intelligent (Plaitiff's) Side:

“While our clients got justice, those who are responsible are not being held accountable, especially Cardinal Mahony.

“It's despicable that no county official will call for Mahony to resign. The DA said a couple of things, but--

“ I wish the DA would be quiet and indict him. This is a city that likes to consider itself progressive, but in the scheme of things, they are giving him a pass. It's disheartening.

“No one in Congress, no city council members will speak out against him”

“If people worried about our children as much as they worry about illegal aliens, we'd be a lot better off.”

--Plaintiff Attorney John Manly in LA Daily News July 17, 2007

Yes there will be
More to Come. . .

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Church blocks production of documents, hearing August 14th. Crime victims on sidewalk outside cathedral. Haven't we done this before?

By Kay Ebeling
Dej√† vu all over again. There was a demonstration today in front of the “cathedral” in LA and a handful of pedophile priest crime victims made demands of Cardinal Mahony. Weren’t these same people standing in this same place two years ago, three years ago, last year? Weren’t the settlements supposed to be a sign of change? Now here are many of the same demonstrators as the last five years, standing on the sidewalk in front of the cathedral making demands of the Cardinal who’s nowhere to be seen or heard.

July 16th there was a media event disguised as a hearing in LA Superior Court. The LA Clergy Cases, estimated in 2004 to be worth 1.4 billion dollars, settled for 660 million and plaintiffs assured themselves it wasn’t about money in the first place. Plaintiffs agreed to settle after the church said it would turn over documents about their perpetrators for review.

Now days after the settlement Church Attorneys are already objecting to production of documents over and over again. Indeed, hours after the settlement hearing, church attorneys filed objections to production of documents on several predator priests. Document diving today I discovered from July 20th:

“The subpoenaed entities will not produce these records without a court order,” writes Plaintiff Attorney Katherine Freberg.

For me it’s like the settlements didn't really happen, but now the jury trials aren’t happening either.

Even access to documents was denied the first hour I was downtown trying to go document diving today. Only after I went into the Public Information Office and raised hell did the clergy case documents suddenly appear on the screens again. (This after a guy from “tech” assured me he’d look into the problem, just like the five other people from Tech I’ve talked to in the last two months. Remember the documents started disappearing from public access in late May, just after Mahony got his first subpoena to testify.)

In a hearing August 14th, Church attorneys will object to production of records on Donald Patrick Roemer, Stephen Michael Baker, Michael Wempe, Juan Francisco Sanchez, and several other priests. They claim protections that Judge Haley Fromholz has already ruled inadmissible.

More after this:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I am not a plaintiff in the LA cases as many people it turns out thought, I’m just a broke writer in LA. So it’s time for me to pass the Internet hat. Please put some case on my PayPal account as it makes me feel professional.

Instead of appealing Fromholz’ decisions, Church attorneys just keep filing motions making the same arguments over and over again.

Katherine Freberg’s office writes:

“On July 5, 2007, Father Sanchez through his attorneys of record objected to the discovery of records completely on the basis that the subpoenas are invalid because they are not accompanied by an affidavit showing good cause.

“The Court rejected this argument in September 2006 re Michael Wempe.

“Guzin and Steier didn't appeal the September decision, they just keep filing more motions raising the same argument --

“ignoring the law and the court’s orders.”

Who cares if the judge already denied this motion, if we file it 100 times, we can really wear down both plaintiff attorneys and the entire Los Angeles Superior Court civil justice system.

Apparently that's what LA Archdiocese managed to do.

With the settlements plaintiffs now have enough money to maybe buy a condo and get some dental work done.

How this makes up for their lifetimes of PTSD laden lives, I don't even know. Even Mahony said he wished he could give them back the years of their lives that they lost due to these crimes.

Well how about giving each of them a piece of real estate, give up something the church really need. Suffer a little. Do some penance.

Turn over some of the empty seminaries in the canyons around Los Angeles to be made into recovery and rehabilitation centers for all victims of pedophilia.

Start taking responsibility.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. It’s time for me to pass the Internet hat. Please put some cash on my PayPal account as it makes me feel professional so I go out and write more. THANK YOU

The church spins an international reputation of itself as generous and supportive to the plaintiffs.

Now the church is already ignoring its agreement to release records, and the same church attorneys who prevented as many pretrial depositions of defendants as they could, especially church attorney Donald Steier, are right back in court arguing against release of the records.

Hearing August 14th on enforcement of subpoenas and production of documents on priests. It's deja vu over and over and over and over and over. . . .

From LA Superior Court website:

08/14/2007 at 08:31 am in department 20 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Motion (TO ENFORCE SUBPOENAS(PAPERS FILED ON 7/20)RE: BC307685, BC307408, BC307222BC307920, BC308418 AND BC307919)

08/14/2007 at 08:31 am in department 20 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

08/14/2007 at 08:31 am in department 20 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Meanwhile I have to go back to work on American Gangster for Court TV, although I really don’t see a whole lot of difference between that job and this one today.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. It’s time for me to pass the Internet hat. Please put some cash on my PayPal account as it makes me feel professional so I go out and write more. THANK YOU

One last note:

Quote from a retired pedophile priest crime victim advocate, upon hearing about the death of Santa Barbara area Jesuit David Schwartz last month:

"He's buried at the Jesuit center in Los Gatos where the kitchen workers were sodomized by other Jesuits"

More to Come. . .

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Unsettled: Following the international spin

By Kay Ebeling
No time to go document diving most this week but future posts will cover these topics: SHANLEY in Riverside? SUTPHIN roommates with Mahony? We'll also be looking at Exhibit Lists and Witness Lists for cases that were about to go to trial and check into what happened with cases that were dismissed right before July 18th. And most important of all, how did long time church attorney Donald Steier slip past sanctions in that late June hearing?

City of Angels Blog is not going to join the harangue for Cardinal Mahony to step down. If he gets fired he’ll end up being a fall guy, much like the few priests who now sit in jail. The media will trounce on him, there’ll be about a month of attention spent on him and his life, and the real criminals will once again slip like Teflon off a designer kitchen full of pans.

I’m paranoid enough to think firing Mahony would be the Vatican’s way to try again to make the sex crimes “crisis” go away. About as effective as trying to turn back time and give us back our lives as the physics-challenged Mahony claimed he’d do if he could in his “apology.” If Mahony the individual suffers, the criminal structure remains in place, to continue to corrupt everything else it touches in the Catholic hierarchy. Firing Mahony will not accomplish a thing, it will only be symbolic.

Is the LA Times Aiding and Abetting the Archdiocese?
More investigation is needed into the collusion of the LA Times with the archdiocese evidenced here on July 22, Sunday after the settlements with this star opinion piece: (Copy paste into address bar:)


It starts off sounding like it's going to criticize the cardinal. By last paragraph you think he's the great white hope for Latino Americans. The opinion piece ends up saying Mahony’s work in the fields far outweighs his aiding and abetting pedophiles. . . .but it's devious paragraph construction. You think the article is going to say one thing and instead it says another. undoubtedly author Rieff is tied in with Sitrick & Co. PR, as in LA that's how PR works. One client strokes another and all your clients shine.

The Times is, of course, the local paper that cut off its own reporters from access to research the cases. The LA Times stopped paying the 47 a month or whatever to the court for online access to case documents in January 2007.

As pretrial hearings got underway the owners of the Times cut off its own reporters from access to the documents.

Then the Sunday after the settlements they run this twisting editorial that sucks you in and makes you a Cardinal M fan by the end. . . . it even almost worked on me. I like the card after reading this. I think he should don a t-shirt and jeans and go join his followers in the field.

The investigation that I hope is continuing into the archdiocese should look at PR firms and how far they will go for their clients. Apparently anything goes in PR and it's all secret and think about it.

just think about it

Settlement covers suit against former Darien priest
By Lane Kelley
Darien Suburban Life
Fri Jul 20, 2007, 11:14 AM CDT
Darien, IL -

"The largest payout made by the Catholic Church so far to victims of sexual abuse by priests includes the settlement of a suit filed last year against a former Darien priest.

"The suit against the Rev. Robert Boley, former parochial vicar at Darien’s Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, was among the cases settled this week by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for a record $660 million.
The suit states Boley accosted the unnamed woman — now 25 but then a young elementary student — while he was teaching at a Los Angeles parish in the 1980s."

More to Come about that guy. . .


I hope you enjoy reading this blog. It’s time for me to pass the Internet hat. Please put some cash on my PayPal account. If everyone put up five bucks a month I could quit my night job.

I got this a few days back and decided to share it with the world:

Abusing Animals May be Profitable for Vatican
Rome, Italy
- July 20, 2007 -

According to sources close to the Vatican, information has been released that details a new profit center that will be managed by Cardinal Bernard Law and will consult with individuals accused of abusing animals. Sources say Law has already secured the profit center's first client, Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick who is facing federal charges concerning the abuse of animals and is the lead suspect who, according to federal authorities also funding the dog-fighting competition.

According to sources who have been following the clergy abuse scandal for the past 1800 years, it's much easier to hide evidence as a priest or seminarian, especially under the guise of the Jesuits, a rogue order responsible for all sorts of heinous crimes against humanity. So Law is moving fast that Vick’s next move is enrolling in a Jesuit Seminary.

Most folks don't seem to give a damn when Catholic priests use innocent children as sex toys, however when it comes to animal cruelty, that's another story. And, Vick is an African-American, this factor alone could test the startup firm's ability to persuade corrupt judges, dirty cops and rotten politicians to turn the cheek in such a high-profile case......

~~This was sent to me by a good friend. Not sure of the author? He sent this to hundreds??

Their money goes out it goes back in again
Catholic Mutual Insurance

So the Catholic Archdiocese pay the premiums to Catholic Mutual Insurance and then the payout comes from Catholic Mutual Insurance and all the money more or less stays in the Church. What an incredible scam. You have to hand it to these thugs. They know how to set up a long term paying institution.

From City Of Angels Blog Side Column:

(More than half of Catholic dioceses buy their insurance from Catholic Mutual, which operates a self-insurance fund for the Catholic Church in North America. per, Ask the Explainer.)

Also on City Of Angels Blog Side Column

Several places to Email me: cityofangelslady@yahoo.com
Still can’t figure out how to make that work from this space. .

Have become so paranoid I believe Sitrick & Company was just a front PR firm. The real behind the scenes manipulation was done by someone somewhere with a consulting firm

From Daily News editorial Sunday:
Sun Jul 22, 2007, 12:35 AM EDT
The facts of the Los Angeles horror were about to come out. The cardinal would have had to testify in the first of 20 suits coming to trial, something he had been able to avoid by settling (for $114 million, along with religious orders not under his control) 86 earlier cases. Along with the orders, the cardinal has agreed to pay $660 million to the 508 plaintiffs, . . .

putting the total bill on the far side of three-quarters of a billion dollars.

Some church files are to be turned over to a retired judge, who will decide what to make public.
Incredibly, the cardinal is still stonewalling, claiming that he doesn't have to turn over some files. The district attorney says he has an active criminal investigation under way, but what he can do will depend on what documents he can get.

Many cases are beyond the statute of limitations. The importance of the documents, whatever their age, lies in the truths they contain.

Cardinal Mahony said recently "I don't know what to do next." It's simple, your eminence: Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, regardless of what it means for your career.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. It’s time for me to pass the Internet hat. Please put some cash on my PayPal account. If everyone sent me five bucks a month I could quit my night job.

I’m nuts enough to think it’s spinmeisters doing it all, everything you read in mainstream media. The current spin is “Fire Mahony.” But other spins are echoed in the words of the Nuncio in Spain echoing the words of the Pope a day earlier:

“Priests are responsible for the smallest percentage of sexual abuse.

He decried that news of clerical abuse appears “every day on the front pages of certain media,” which he called a form of “discrimination” against the Church “with evil intentions.”

“Read the newspapers, and you will find the same cases every day, sometimes a whole page long, and that is where you can see the evil intentions,” he continued, “and that is called discrimination, no matter how sincere they are trying be.”

The Nuncio made his comments in the city of Aranjuez, where he was participating in a conference at the King Juan Carlos University.

The international spin on this story is “hey this happens other places. They're just enemies of the Catholic Church trying to tear us down.
We're the demons? Going after the church is discrimination against Catholics?


It even happened in Malaysia with “Catholic Online”

We all know how hard it is to correct an error once it’s posted “online.”

Catholic Online ran an article claiming the $650 million is for “a victim.” They ran the article July 19th and as of July 22nd it is still up there claiming 650 million went to one victim.

Even after several peoplel emailed the editor to point out the error Catholic Online did not correct its posst. It's so hard to change an error on an Internet post. Catholic Online can’t possibly be expected to go On Line and correct the lead paragraph of its opinion piece about the settlemetn and clarify that the 650 million is shared with 508 people not One Greedy Anti-Catholic Agitator as they imply.

Internationally the Church is making plaintiffs look greedy and prosecutors look Anti-Catholic and believe me, new Catholics in their new international churches will eat this up and give them all their riches. All part of their overall plan, I guess.

More to Come. . .

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. It’s time for me to pass the Internet hat. Please put some cash on my PayPal account. If everyone sent me five bucks a month I could quit my night job.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

What's next? Same pattern repeated in city after city round the country for decades, why? Attempted murders? The investigation continues.

What are they still hiding?

By Kay Ebeling

The result of the news media reporting just the surface of this story is all over the world people are getting the wrong message. Forget about the money, it’s not even about molestation. It’s about finding out those so called holy men in robes and giant crosses are real genuine criminals, accessories to the crimes. It’s finding out that as a five year old I was disposable once I’d provided gratification for a sexually troubled priest.

Plus while the archdiocese assures locals that no more than a few mill will come from the parishes, who has been paying the sex lawsuit insurance premiums the last ten years? How much went out for the 18 and counting law firms, and the one PR firm we know of, Sitrick and Company in Century City, who signed the archdiocese as a client in 2004. How many millions went out so the archdiocese could battle against its own member families, plaintiffs who were on the receiving end of the church’s decades of aiding and abetting crime?

The second time I saw Deliver Us From Evil it hit me, sitting in the back row I started climbing up the wall behind me, squirming in my chair. Because from the time I recovered the memory in 1994 of what happened to me in 1954 I walked around in a kind of giddy euphoria: “Now I understand. No wonder I did all those things.” I was giddily discovering I was not born an out of control slut, but it was penetrated into me. Finally it all made sense, so for a good 10 years I walked around with this spacey grin on my face.

Then in the back row of the preview house it slammed me back.

This Did Not Need To Happen.

This Could Have Been Prevented

And it’s going to take more than “we regret it,” from an archbishop to make it right. All they had to do was pick up the phone and call the police in 1948 and I and a few thousand others would have had a more or less normal life. Believe me, it’s hard to be normal when your body was part of a sexual sacrament ritual, and face it, that's what this was. It was

On a very casual level

It’s no coincidence that the same pattern was repeated in city after city around the country -- for decades.

It’s also no coincidence that several survivors have weird memories of someone trying to kill them as children as well. There is much more to this story than has come out.

There are more damaged people in Southern California than the 550 plaintiffs in the LA and many of us are still jonesing for justice.

Many plaintiffs didn't even make it to adulthood.

What? Someone Tried to Kill Someone?

Many plaintiffs tell stories of murder attempts on their childhood bodies, not just in LA, around the country.

In my case, around the same age as when Father Horne was giddily diddling me around 1954:

Constantly Repeating Memory Mystery in My Brain:

Someone drove me to a dump, a city dump. I was little girl in the back of the dump truck. We got to the dump parked and the hydraulic thing started rumbling. The truck began to angle up in front and I was falling out. I looked at the man behind the wheel. He stayed staring straight ahead and not moving, grizzled hairs on his chin. The truck kept angling up, up and I was dumped out, slam onto the ground.

The way the story goes as it was repeated in family gatherings for years after was “we thought you were dead.” Ha-Ha-Ha. My five-six year old body lied on the ground. Then they say, I popped up, like with a jolt of electricity, jumped onto my feet and started walking around -- “like a chicken with its head cut off,” I think my one aunt would laugh about it.

Someone tried to kill my five year old body right after the priest rapes, which included taking pictures of my sister and me and our childhood naked bodies. Someone wanted to get rid of us.

Instead the family moved to California.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I am not a plaintiff in the LA cases as many people it turns out thought, I’m just a broke writer in LA. So it’s time for me to pass the Internet hat. Please put some cash on my PayPal account as it makes me feel professional.

There was an organized structure of criminal pedophiles operating in the church for decades, hiding behind the skirts of frightened pastors and bishops, more concerned that they all just have “peace and quiet so we can pray.”

So, no it’s not unfair to keep agitating the Catholic Church, damn I think that's why I’m still alive right now.

At least one high end public relations firm

The 550 plaintiffs in the LA cases are nowhere near the total number of persons who were damaged and destroyed by Catholic negligence

Many plaintiffs didn't even make it to adulthood.

Parallels between the US Government and the US Catholic Church

President Bush’s closest staff are doing everything they can to prevent themselves from testifying just like Mahony. ( Just a little side trip there)

It’s usually not the guy in the big cross who’s talking to god.

Just switched on my job from American Gangster to working on tapes for Extreme Makeover Home Edition -- a show I’ve diddled tapes for now for more than a year. Listening now to one of the designers Ed Sanders describe what they're doing with another family -- this episode building a house for a family with an 8 year old with cancer and then I realize --

These people don’t wear big glaring crosses around their necks. They just remind people that sometimes you have to stop and ask god for help. In the middle of talking about construction of a new house for one more family in America they mention asking god for help. That's an ABC network television program on Sunday nights, doing significantly more as Christians for Americans than the Catholic Church here in the last 50 years.

ABC has done more for struggling families in America with this one TV show than has the entire American Catholic Church.

I’m transcribing along at work doing this Ed Sanders interview for Extreme Makeover Home Edition and that one memory from childhood that's popped in about a thousand times in the last week is there again. So I click to this file to write it down.

I was supposed to be dead in 1954. That's the only way to describe it.
I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I am not a plaintiff in the LA cases as many people it turns out thought, I’m just a broke writer in LA. So it’s time for me to pass the Internet hat. Please put some cash on my PayPal account as it makes me feel professional.

It’s not beating a dead horse when I say let’s continue to dig into these stories.

It’s no coincidence that the same pattern was repeated in city after city around the country -- for decades.

It’s also no coincidence that several survivors have weird memories of someone trying to kill them as children as well.

In my case, it was the same period of time that people were finding out about the “molest” (somehow that's not the right word).

Who wanted me dead when I was that little girl in the back of a dump truck?

There was an organized structure of criminal pedophiles operating in the church for decades, hiding behind the skirts of frightened pastors and reverands, more concerned about their “peace and quiet so I can pray.”

So, no it’s not unfair to keep agitating the Catholic Church, damn I think that's why I’m still alive right now.

Now three days after the LA settlements, I’m starting to wake back up.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I am not a plaintiff in the LA cases as many people it turns out thought, I’m just a broke writer in LA. So it’s time for me to pass the Internet hat. Please put some cash on my PayPal account as it makes me feel professional.

L.A. Diocese Settles Abuse Claims

Calling Cardinal Roger M. Mahony's actions a "moral failure," Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley said Monday that his five-year investigation of how top church officials handled sex-abuse accusations hinges on whether he can obtain confidential church files under a record settlement.

"Cardinal Mahony and many others are going to have to live with their conscience and live with their incredible moral failure to the people of Los Angeles," Cooley said. "We've done everything we can under the constraints of the laws of California."

J. Michael Hennigan, attorney for the Los Angeles Archdiocese, said he is "generally a big fan of Steve Cooley," but that the district attorney's remarks were "irresponsible."

From LA Times linked at KFI website…

More to Come. . .

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An arrogant church announces there’s pedophiles in other religions the day after the settlement. Even if there are, I mean, the audacity!

By Kay Ebeling

Pretrial reorganization started today in the very merry un-jury trial of the Hagenbach cases which will take place here at city of angels blog in the next weeks. Instead of jury selection we're rounding up witness and exhibit lists for the trials that were on calendar to start in the next weeks. Sorry, Sitrick Public Relations, you forgot to factor in the city of angels blog in that PR Plan you sold to the LA Archdiocese back in 2004.

As announced yesterday, we are going to go ahead and report on the cases as if they did go to trial, describe the exhibits, interview the witnesses that were lined up to testify. Church Attorney J. Michael Hennigan will alternately appear in the online trials as the King of Hearts and the lead defendants’ advocate, and if he’s the King of Hearts, who is the queen?

Please don’t think this online trial will be a witch hunt or an aberration of justice. We're just pulling the rug out from under them the way they did us. Church attorneys played hardball with plaintiffs’ lives for the last five years, trampling their rights, obstructing justice in the most outrageous ways, and the story needs to be published where anyone can read it. What better place than this blog?

Post-settlement meandering:
Some thoughts about where the money will come from:

The archdiocese will sell some non-church properties. Why do they even have non-church properties at a time when so many people in Los Angeles don’t even have housing? Where’s the Jesus in that?

Plus the archdiocese claims that no money is coming from the parishes as the insurance companies are coming through like the accessories they are.

If the money isn’t coming from the parishes, who’s been paying the insurance premiums for ‘protection against sex lawsuits’ for the last decade or so?

One reason to continue the trials here in this blog is so plaintiffs can speak up on what the church attorneys did to their lives leading up to the trials. Yesterday afternoon local and national media were full of the horror stories, it wasn’t fondling it was ongoing rape. It wasn’t a few consenting incidents between a man and a teenage girl, it was a kind of kidnapping and blackmail using the fear of God inherent in your priesthood as a weapon.

Of course in two or three days you won’t find more than a dribbling of stories about the LA cases in mainstream media and in a month it will be forgotten by most Americans, the ones who don’t read this blog. . . .

But yesterday it was a cacophony of reporters, cameras pointed to catch the plaintiffs having emotional breakdowns. Same clips ran on every news program and then in a week they'll forget.

SIDE NOTE: When I studied journalism in the 1970s we feared the emergence of TV news, that it would lower the standards of communications. Today all reporters seem to aspire to be like TV news.

The result is scenes like yesterday outside the courthouse where the “press conference” took place.

I watched reporters stand in front of cameras and read a page of notes, then lights up, they say their page of notes into the camera, and that's the story. I watched a reporter from what should be a respected local newspaper as she tried to develop a relationship with one of the crime victims to do an interview.

You don’t show up the day of the trial and go up to a stranger who’s just been through five years of an insane lawsuit and try to develop a relationship with them. The way the news media handles stories today, responding to what other reporters are doing, chasing each others’ cameras and watching each other to see what each other will report next -- it’s such a disappointment.

Whatever happened to developing contacts, leads, sources?

The LA Times is in part responsible for the long delayed settlements.

If a team of reporters from the LA Times had followed this story in 2003 the way the Boston Globe followed Boston in 2002, the settlements would have come at least a year sooner. Instead the reporters who’d put together a monumental investigative effort in 2002 at the Times were all re-assigned. Jean Guccione, a thorough investigative reporter on many of the Times’ 2003 stories, now covers one-way street traffic changes.

Our local media and their ever lowering standards are responsible in part for the dragging out of this trial. If a team of professional reporters had been there doing what I was doing on my own as a volunteer, the church would not have gotten away with five years of obstruction of justice and intimidation of the plaintiffs in these cases.

And it’s not all LA Times editor John Spano’s fault,
I’m beginning to realize.

It turns out a local, small news outlet has had to provide reporters from the LA Times with access to documents in the Clergy Cases over the internet.

It costs a nominal fee for monthly access to documents through the LA Superior Court website and apparently the LA Times discontinued this expense at the beginning of 2007. The LA Times reporter could not even go online and click on documents from his office to research these cases.

Then Came the BIG MEDIA EVENT!!!!!

Dozens of reporters suddenly discovered this story and showed up for the Big Hearing which was no more than a formality. They pointed cameras at plaintiffs outside. The reporters’ questions revealed they had not done a half hour of research in advance, no more than to read what the other journalists were writing. I went to The University of Texas, and there we were drilled in integrity:

Never approach an interview until you know everything that person has said and written on the topic so you don’t ask stupid redundant questions. Never use a press release to write a news story. Reporters who used press releases to write stories were laughed out of the newsroom. Even attending press conferences was seen as doing public relations for the subject of the story instead of reporting real news.

Today’s reporters are lost without a press release, they have not been able to spend anywhere near enough time to do comprehensive coverage. In the stream of articles that came up July 16 and 17 about the LA settlements it’s difficult to find a paragraph that wasn’t in at least seven other articles.

I watched this young reporter Monday trying to get one of the plaintiffs to come aside and speak with her, and the reporter’s approach was like someone coming off the street. She had no background, didn't know who the plaintiff was, who her perpetrator was, what city it happened in. Do you really think the plaintiff wants to answer these questions 85 times after a 5-year lawsuit?

What really bugs me is tomorrow none of these news lemmings will even be on the story. Decades of organized crime in the LA archdiocese will be old news next week. Thank God for blogs as here is where real reporting will come back. (Hopefully my blog will be one of the first big successes and I’ll be able to buy St. Gregory’s Church on Wilshire Boulevard in about 20 years.)


Reeling and reeling since about last Friday. On such an emotional roller coaster I’ll break out in cackling laughter or wracking tears at a moment’s notice. Also I cried so much the last few days that my right eye is totally puffed up and inflamed…

and I’m not even a plaintiff in these cases.
But God has a sense of humor in many ways.

I was a little upset that the trials were canceled. I fantasized that my dynamic coverage the next months would get me a job with some major news organization, but face it, that wasn’t likely to happen.

So I was a little disappointed that things feel like they just came to an abrupt halt with the settlement. I felt like I needed help so I went to church twice on Sunday and the evening service I went to was at Kairos Los Angeles, where the music is phenomenal.

And what was the first song? “Better just one day in your courts, better just one day in your house, better just one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere.”

That song came up and I burst out cackling -- my staccato laughter was like percussion in rhythm. I just knew -- it was almost like the whole thing was arranged to calm me down, settle me, and I let the laughter come out so hard that the tears stopped.

Mahony’s Face:

Now that I’ve seen the face that Cardinal Mahony was mugging for the in-court camera during court Monday on various news websites, I’m glad I didn't look into his face when he was staring at me. That woe is me, weepy expression that got carried out to the world --

As for Mahony’s post settlement apologies and words to the public, they're abominable. He says, “it shouldn't have happened,” about sodomy rape that left young boys bleeding, and then it happened over and over again.

He just doesn't get it.

Now the pope the day after the settlement makes an announcement that yes, the church is taking responsibility and first thing we're going to do is try to end pedophilia worldwide,

but before we start let’s point out that other religions are just as guilty.

No they aren’t.

No I don't buy that argument at all.

And even if it is true that there are pedophiles in other churches, the arrogance, the utter tackiness of coming out with a statement like that the day after the settlements?????

What did they do, fire Sitrick & Company Public Relations yesterday? Who would advise the pope to make an announcement that there are pedophiles in all the churches the day after the Catholic Church is made to pay 660 million dollars for the reckless epidemic of pedophiles that . . .

They just don’t get it.

I gotta get back to my job…

More to Come. . .

Monday, July 16, 2007

Settlements are just the beginning of the story. Mahony is already lying to the press.

By Kay Ebeling

Note to Roger Mahony: Settling with this relative handful of victims is not going to make this story go away. The jury trial begins this week here on this blog. We'll go through the Hagenbach cases and then the Kreutzer cases and report the plaintiffs’ stories right here as though each crime victim were testifying on the stand, only there’ll be no church attorneys to holler out objections.

Mahony has made much of meetings he had with plaintiffs in the last weeks, so after the settlement hearing I sought out crime victims who had sat in that room with Mahony to see what it was like. One woman said he was surprisingly charismatic and she seemed to still be in some kind of trance. Another plaintiff who sat in the room with Mahony said he was hostile from the moment she walked in.

“There are angels everywhere,” another plaintiff quoted Mahony as telling her, “all around me there are angels,” and she imitated how he’d fluffed his arms around to demonstrate angels flapping wings around his head.

(Maybe that's why he apologized to a roomful of cameras yesterday, I guess those are his angels.)

This is only the beginning of an amazing tale of second and third generation pedophiles running seminaries in Southern California, the “rural” dumping ground for problem priests of America and sometimes Ireland and countries to our south. If Mahony thinks the details of corruption and organized crime in the archdiocese of Los Angeles are all going to slide under a pile of soil in the next earthquake, sorry, Card, you did not slip off the frying pan this time.

I repeat: The jury trial begins this week here on this blog. We'll go through the Hagenbach cases and then the Kreutzer cases and report the plaintiffs’ stories right here as though each one were testifying on the stand, only there’ll be no church attorneys to holler out objections.

At a gathering afterwards almost every plaintiff was talking about a different priest predator. There’s Father John Salazar from Our Lady of Grace. “I have an unusual sense of justice compared to the other plaintiffs since he’s in prison” that plaintiff stated. There’s Father Nocita from Van Nuys who drove his 16 year old abductee to several locations in LA. One guy mentioned St. Gregory’s on Wilshire. First time I saw that church I said, I’ll take that one.

To me a real settlement would be to give each of us a church, a piece of real estate, especially since most of the Catholic ones will be empty soon…. I have this fantasy about owning St. Gregory’s on Wilshire Boulevard some day.

This story can’t go away.

Here is what happened.

The Cardinal made a wise fashion decision and went with the cocktail pants instead of the full length cossack ensemble, but he still insists on wearing that blinding cross. Most prayerful persons shine the light of god through their eyes so I can see why the cardinal has to communicate his Christian-ness in this manner but does the jewelry have to be so gaudy and large? I mean, we get the message, okay, you're a Christian.

We’d all rather have a demonstration of Christian-ness in behavior and action rather than that garish sparkling brassy 12-inch long cross resting on the cardinal’s inverse chest.

I didn't even realize Mahony was in the room.

Here’s how it happened. About 75 people were in the courtroom with more arriving, plaintiffs with red eyes and their pictures as children dangling round their necks mingled with plaintiff attorneys and as far as I could see no church attorneys were anywhere.

Then this guy with an American flag pin and little wires going in and out of his ears appeared with two sheriffs behind him saying, everybody out of the room, everybody out of the room. We all had to walk outside and wait in the hallway, then come back in again. (I called out, “Clear the court, clear the court, the cardinal is coming the cardinal is coming.” I have no inhibitions left in me. What more can happen to me.)

Then they let us all back in and apparently Mahony slipped in during that time everyone was in the hall, and there were so many suits everywhere blocking view of the tables up front I didn't even know he was in the room until the hearing was almost over. . . .

So the hearing began and Judge Fromholz opened with a remark that unlike what you read in most of the press, I’m not here to decide the settlement, but to establish that there is indeed a settlement, it covers the cases and this settlement is the desire of the attorneys for both sides -

“So that the trial dates can be vacated.”

Plaintiff and defendant liaison attorneys made statements. It was a bit ceremonial so of course I was getting turned off.

Ray Boucher said we should at least acknowledge the plaintiff victims of Clinton Hagenbach and a row of tall good looking men behind me stood up.

Boucher was almost in tears as he asked for a moment to remember the plaintiffs who did not make it through the five years from filing the original complaints to this day. The room got quiet (except the LA Times reporter kept on tapping his keys, nothing stops the LA Times).

The judge articulated the amount of the settlement is 660 million dollars and I wanted to jump up and yell “No, 666, 666,” just because I’d seen it in a couple comments here and there on the internet last night.

Then it was time for Michael J. Hennigan to speak

HENNIGAN: To the victims, it is our deep regret that this took so long.


JUDGE FROMHOLZ: This is a hearing not a trial, it’s not okay to testify.

HENNIGAN (Cont’d): It’s been the most complex undertaking I’ve ever done in my career. This last week seemed to be endless we worked so hard. I’m indebted to the court for helping us reach this conclusion that we all hoped would occur but feared it might not so thank you

We have reached a protocol re those that may be controversial and in the way we were able resolve those

(I’m sorry I can’t hold him back, here comes the King of Hearts, it’s Hennigan, he’s the King of Hearts here at this very merry un-jury-trial.)

Back to the settlement hearing:

JUDGE: This is D Day we're either vacating trial date or going to trial.

None of the attorneys speaks.

JUDGE: I’d like to get written notice from liaison counsel that renders an account of all the names -- All defendants and any remaining defendants case by case. When can I expect something like that?

BOUCHER: Two weeks?

(I can’t wait to see it. It’ll basically be the outline for season one of a TV series on pedophile priests.)

Stay tuned.

Side note: When I started this blog in January I had the self esteem of a slug who really wants to be a snail. Somehow dumping all my anger on this blog and sending the link to some people I know has developed into this thing, almost a new business I’m creating, and in that room this afternoon about 17 people in one way or another were telling me what a great job I’m doing. “Invaluable” one person said and I wanted to chime in, oh is that why you never click my PayPal button, but I kept my lip zipped.

One more side note: The Biltmore downtown where we gathered post-hearing used to be Western Federal Savings, and my dad was the manager of the building in the mid-1960s in one of his many. He used to hike up the hill a few blocks to the old cathedral every day at noon for Mass. In June 2006 the Catholic bishops had their national meeting in the Biltmore and activists played a slide show on a building wall across the street, in their faces. Those bishops had no choice but to see those slides right outside their hotel rooms. Just a little history for the buffs.


At the Biltmore event: “I probably would have committed a homicide if it hadn’t been for my blog,” I mentioned dunking a cookie into coffee, and no one around me blinked. Been there, done that, it’s great to finally be in a room with people who are almost as screwed up as I am, and in the same weird inimitable way.

Thing that really made me start takig notes at the post hearing event was almost every plaintiff had a case concerning a different priest predator. There’s Father John Salazar from Our Lady of Grace. “I have an unusual sense of justice since my perpetrator is in prison," that plaintiff said.


Miani is an order priest so that case will go forward with a trial date in September.

BOUCHER: Most of the victims will not forgive the cardinal but I’ve seen him as he’s met with many clients and began to try to start the healing process. He took stteps that I think he could only take and went to Rome several times in the last weeks to get ready to settle these cases. It was his decision to ttell the church and lawyers to follow his guidance and his lead and as a result of that we were able to settle these case.

BOUCHER CONTINUED: I hope that given his contact with clients he’ll become a leader in the world to prevent child abuse.

HENNIGAN: I’d like to say that reform in the church was going to happen anyway and I can’t say that. These cases have forever reformed the archdiocese of Los Angeles and it will never be the same.

JUDGE: I think that completes our business here this morning.

The hearing is over. It’s over.

A few people move and I realize Mahony has been sitting there at the table next to Hennigan all this time.

Of course. He came in while all of us were outside. They made us empty the room so Mahony could walk in without the rabble being able to see him, then they crowded around him during the hearing so no one could even see him sitting there.

I finally got to see Mahony, his profile from the back. His hair combed over a bald spot, little wrinkly neck like a cartoon character with no chin. With an expressionless face he watches as the attorneys say their ceremonial words.

He wears a black suit with a minister’s collar and that garish cross in front of his chest.

People mill around talking. I overhear that the Carmelites and the Oblates are the biggest problem post settlement so far, as several orders are not going along with the settlement. As of now there are still trials on the calendar. City of Angels Lady will iron it out later.

(But I have to spend the rest of the week working on a new show called American Gangster. Hmm.)

Watching the cardinal schmooze. He lifts his eyebrows talks civilly standing next to his attorneys shaking hands like a regular person. Almost.

All of a sudden I realize the cardinal is staring at me. My neck jerks and my head turns away from him. I run almost a hundred percent on instinct these days and my instincts were to not look at him. I regret it now as I can’t write what the expression was on his face. I just know I did not want to look into his face.

Boucher runs out he’s got to get a victim to MSNBC

The Cardinal slips out a door upstage right surrounded by men in suits…


By this afternoon

Mahony was already lying.

This was in his interview with the Daily News LA today:

MAHONY: Up until even a week ago we had list of John Doe 1 through 1,000 with no names. We ended up with a lot of wrong identifications. For example, "Fr. John," "Br. Steve," or "Br. Mike," that kind of thing. It took an enormous amount of time.

That's a blatant lie. They had that list of John Doe 1 through 1000 since the complaints were first filed. The archdiocese just sat on them until a few weeks ago.

More to Come. . .

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Transcript of a bland apology: Mahony stood there in his robes with his big cross round his neck and said in a dry voice:

By Kay Ebeling

(One more comment from me: It should have been 1.6 billion. That was the figure in 2004 when powers that be estimated the real costs to plaintiffs...)

I just happen to make my living as a video transcriber, so here is Mahony’s apology, delivered in an emotion free tone in front of a bare wall to a roomful of cameras:

Good morning everyone

We gather today because this long journey has now come to an end and a new chapter of that journey is beginning. During the past year over a year it has been my privilege and grace to meet with many, many victims one by one together with Judge McCoy. And during this time I have come to understand far more deeply than I ever could the impact of this terrible sin and crime that has affected their lives. I said to most of the victims who I met with, I used this example. I said, your life I wish were life a VHS tape, where we could put the cassette in, press rewind, delete these years of misery, and difficulty and start over when you were young and just before this happened.

I said I apologize because I cannot do that. I wish I could. And as we -- as I listen to so many of these stories I became more and more determined that we had to get all these cases settled. So beginning last June last year with Judge McCoy’s great assistance we began our efforts to settle all the cases that fell outside of periods of insurance. And we did that. So by late November those 42 cases had been settled and, and those released.

So many of the victims told me in various ways that even though the cases are resolved, even though they're receiving some compensatino there really is no way to go back and give them that innocence which was taken from them. It is the one part of the settlement process that I find the most frustrating because the one thing I wish I could give the victims, I cannot, and that is a restoration to where they were originally.

(Can a plaintiff please email me and tell me about their meeting with Mahony?)

However, during these sessions I also came to realize that many have made progress along the road, many are married with families, small children, all are concerned. And one of the things that they were very interested in hearing is what the church has done that we have not just spent our time trying to resolve these lawsuits, but rather trying to make sure that the church is safe for everyone, especially children and young people.

And so we have begun in the year 2002 one of the most extensive programs and processes to make sure that anyone in the church who works with children and young people is qualified and does not bring to that ministry or that apostolate any harm or danger of harm to children. So everybody like myself was all fingerprinted. We do criminal background checks.

We began an expansive program of making our parishes a safe place for children, called the Save the Children Program.

(Reminds me of No Child Left Behind)

Over 40 thousand people have now been trained, adults

(These aren’t the people with the main problem you dunderhead, you're just pointing the blame and focus elsewhere.)

They've been trained, we're training children how to interpret signs that may come to them, signs that someone may be grooming them for some kind of abuse, how to recognize that, and do something about it.

(Why does this give me the shivers, the idea of a priest demonstrating to me how a pedophile grooms children?)

So I explained to the victims while I can’t go back and restore what was lost you need to understand that out of your pain and your suffering and your loss has come a grace and a benefit and that is you have helped the Catholic Church, other churches, and schools, to take more seriously

(Oh no he’s saying thank the Brave Survivors Just like SNAP does all the time!!!)

This danger and this harm to our society.

And so I said even though I can’t restore what was lost

(How many times has he said that now? Are we supposed to think he’s clever or maybe holy for coming up with this line? Is he repeating it and repeating to make sure we see how compassionate he is by saying this line?)

There is good that came out of this and the fact that you stepped forward as victims to tell your stories, to ask to be recognized to ask me to accept responsibility for that and to offer personal apologies. And they said all of that has helped for the future, knowing that what they’ve suffered has not been a total loss.

(I have never, no matter how many SNAP meetings I went to, felt that bravery had anything to do with coming forward. For me it’s much more like anger.)

Once again I apologize to anyone who’s been offended, who’s been abused in the church by lists priests and lay people or lay people in the church. It should not have happened and should not ever happen again.

(He’s said that now five times?)

And so our efforts go forward while we reach a settlement of the civil cases we still stay focused on the road ahead and that is to never let down our guard to make sure that everyone is properly trained and screened that that deals with children and young people I the Catholic Church.

As you know the costs have appeared in the media of 660 million dollars. Where that comes from is adding a few things together. Of the 660 million 250 million of that is being paid by the archdiocese. Approximately 227 million at this time by insurance companies, approximately 60 million dollars by religious orders, since a lot of them actually are named in these lawsuits, and the remainder 123 million hopefully a good deal of that will be recovered in the processes ahead to deal with those religious orders and other defendants who chose not to participate with us in the settlement.

But the settlement of the 508 cases effectively ends all of the litigation involving the archdiocese of Los Angeles. Will there be impact upon the archdiocese, of course, and I said that very clearly early in December of last year when we resolved those cases because not only will we be selling buildings, the number of them that will have to be sold, we're trying to sell properties that do not directly impact the core ministry of the church but there are properties that will be sold.

We also will have to take some investment moneys from various places and use those as well and we're going to have to borrow some money to meet our responsibility. So we have down the road a lot of work to do. As you know we have reached this agreement in principle, a lot of the details and a lot of the payment schedule that's something that the attorneys will work out in the coming weeks. That's to take care of the overall settlement.

I’m also able to say that we're not selling any parish properties or parish schools to meet this indebtedness. This is something that the archdiocese and our finance counsel are working on to handle ourselves internally.

So that is pretty much an overview of where we are today. It is pretty much in many ways I’m relieved that this day has come but only cautiously so and that is I’m only relieved that the victims no longer have to suffer through this and they can move forward. But at the same time I’m being very cautious because now my responsibility is to make sure that the church stays safe for all the years to come.

(Sorry, I couldn't contain my own comments. He delivered this moving his head and body and arms like a mannequin I a store window.)

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

It’s not the same with Baptists and other religions; Catholic secrecy created a haven for sex criminals and attracted pedophiles to priesthood.

We were fodder used to appease struggling priests.

By Kay Ebeling
It’s very suspicious to me that in every parish where pedophile priests operated from at least 1950 to 2000, the Catholic hierarchy responded in the exact same pattern. How in 1971 did the bishop in Minnesota know to respond in exactly the same way as the bishop in New Mexico, and the bishop in Southern California, and the bishop in Boston?

This was more than a few priests with sexual problems. The patterns are too blatant and too often repeated. The transferring from parish to parish. The ignoring of the victims. The very fact that it happened in parish after parish to me is proof that it was policy from the top: not just to protect the church’s image and numbers of membership, but to continue to provide children for priests with sexual problems, with no concern about how being used as sexual fodder for a pervert would affect the lives of the children.

Because children had no value to these bishops. It was more important to satisfy priests who were struggling. There was more to it than simple ignorance, as how could every bishop in every part of the United States all have the same ignorance and the same reaction at the same time?

This was more than a little fondling by an occasional errant priest.

That's why today I feel a special frustration as I see the so-called “survivor community” now trying to focus attention on Baptists and other denominations. Sure there is molestation to a certain degree in every religion, but do they have a structured hierarchy whose very secretiveness allows pedophilia to thrive as does the Catholic Church? Do Baptists even have ceremonies they can use to lure in children?

People still don’t seem to get it. I didn't just get sexually molested, I got sacrificed. Father Horne taught me to talk dirty INSIDE the CONFESSIONAL, where I thought at age 5-6 we were having some special connection with God himself. The reason I pursued more time with the priest in the first place was my passion for Christ and desire to learn more about him. Instead I got sexually aroused and turned out onto the world as if a giant pimp got to me and “turned me out.”

Sure if I’d been molested by my dad I’d have sexual confusion. Even if a Baptist minister got to me it would have a negative effect. But the Catholic priests used the SACRAMENTS.

It amazes me that the story has still not really come out.
This was more than a few errant priests.

This was more than child molestation. For one thing it went on for generations, one pedophile begat another begat another, and it was all allowed to fester and metastasize inside the Catholic Church because of its inherent secrecy and elitist hierarchy.

Even the so-called “survivor community” today wants to spread its message to other denominations. Why? Did other religions have ceremonial Masses where afterwards little boys were told their services as Altar Boys earned them the right to this secret rite of passage only priests can do?

Did Baptist bishops learn about pedophiles and go to great lengths to hide the criminals, transfer them to other parishes where no one knew they were pedophiles?

To the “survivor community”:
Stop turning the attention away from the Catholic Church.

The more SNAP shows up leafleting the Baptists and other denominations, the more I suspect that SNAP is getting its strings pulled by someone very high up in the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

So when I see a quote like this in today’s Texas Observer:

‘David Clohessy, the SNAP national director, describes how Baptists’ decentralized churches are especially vulnerable to sexual predators. “When accountability is dispersed, nobody has to take responsibility for anything,” he says.’

I really wonder. To me the exact opposite is true. It was the centralized control, the control by FEAR of the pope and hierarchy, that allowed this disease to spread in the Catholic Church. I go to Baptist functions today, although I still have trouble stepping into a church. People from Bible-based religions make their spiritual decisions on their own. They read Scripture and take action, and any Bible-based church that tries to control its members the way Catholics do is not a true Bible-based church.

People who are still stuck in the Catholic religion, as are most of the SNAP hierarchy, don’t even seem to get it. It’s the very structure of the Catholic Church itself that caused pedophilia to spread.

Pedophiles had plenty of ways to network, even before there was an internet. Believe me, once word got out about how priests had free access to children, and how priests had protected status that kept them from being prosecuted, pedophiles flocked to the Catholic priest profession.

The Catholic Church, especially in Southern California, is responsible for turning these pedophiles loose on the population. The Southern California Catholic Church owes a lot more than settlements to the 550 people who fit the criteria to file civil lawsuits. The Catholic Church hierarchy needs to be investigated and prosecuted and held accountable for generations of pedophiles and how they affected generations of normal human beings who happened to have to interact with these criminals who worked and thrived as priests in the Catholic Church.

I hope once these cases are settled we can go onto more important things, like prosecuting the church at a national level and getting to the bottom of how corrupt the organization is from the top down, how much damage they did not just to the children they molested but to anyone who ever interacted with those children as we grew up reacting to this Sacramental Sex Crime.

The Catholic Church has twisted the words of Jesus and the first Christians since about the year 100 AD. It’s about time people woke up.

Don’t trust anything written in the church after the year 100 AD.

This was not just a few errant priests with sexual problems. It was institutional, children were disposable in order to meet the needs of problem priests.

Where are all the attorneys general and DA’s?

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This particular rant today is a result of my being halfway through reading Leon Podles’ book “Sacrilege” which will be reviewed here in August. It comes out in September.

More to Come. . .

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gonzales answers Interrogatories 1-8 instead of Mahony, judge denies plaintiffs’ motion for sanctions, and the archdiocese adds on another law firm

An eerie coincidence

By Kay Ebeling

At one point there were seven hearings on calendar for July 10th. Yesterday there was just one. Church Attorney Donald Steier slipped out of the frying pan uncharred, as Judge Haley Fromholz denied the motion for sanctions against Steier filed by plaintiffs. City of Angels Blog will report more on that decision next week when his ruling makes the public documents.

I went downstairs to see what has been added in the last few days. Found three more associations of counsel by defendant filed July 6th; that makes it 16 law firms and counting. The Hennigan firm announces the addition of Reback, McAndres & Kjar in Manhattan Beach, “Specially appearing for defendant Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles.” Motion for immunity of George Neville Rucker was taken off calendar by Steier July 3rd. Here’s what I’m looking for.

“Declaration of Monsignor Gabriel Gonzales” filed June 29th. This answers my question, what happened to Interrogatories 1 through 8 that Plaintiff Attorney Katherine Freberg has been trying to get since at least last August? These interrogatories were supposed to be answered by Cardinal Roger Mahony. Instead Mahony had Monsignor Golzales produce and sign responses.

(Does anyone else get an eerie feeling from this? President Bush is to AG Gonzales what Cardinal Mahony is to Msgr. Gonzales…even the spelling is the same. This Gonzales was ordained in 1984 and is now Vicar for Clergy for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. I do not know if he has a chubby cheeked smile like the Attorney General as well, but I guess we'll see the monsignor when the trials begin. He’ll probably be there instead of Mahony….)

“I am submitting this declaration to explain the process undertaken by the archdiocese,” writes Gabriel G, “To comply with the Court’s order of August 17, 2006, with regard to Special Interrogatories 1 through 8 which asked for reports received between 1965 and 1982.”

As Vicar for Clergy, Gonzales is responsible for handling allegations of misconduct by priests, much like AG Gonzales’ job was to fire judges who didn't walk the Republican Party line...

Msgr. Gonzales writes that he had already reviewed the living priests’ files in 2002 and 2003. “We utilized that information to compile responses to Special Interrogatories 1-8 for living priests.” He reviewed the files of every single deceased priest, “a review of in excess of one thousand personnel files.

Then here’s another place where things get eerie to me:
“Because individuals’ and priests’ primary contact with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is through parishes,” writes Gonzales and I get the shivers. “We felt the most effective way to gather information was to communicate with them through parish Pastors and parish administrators.”

NOTE: These are the exact same words used by Church Attorney Sean Kneafsey in front of the judge June 21st.

So now we know that Kneafsey put the words in Gonzales’ mouth and they probably spent a few hours in some very luxurious room somewhere while Kneafsey coached Gonzales on what to say and how to say it. That's the American judicial system as manipulated by the American Catholic Church -- oh yeah the only true church according to Ratzinger yesterday….

Gonzales continues in more wording taken right out of the mouth of Church Attorney Sean Kneafsey:

He talks about this letter they sent to every parish telling the pastors about interrogatories 1-8 and asking them if they had any knowledge of sex abuse in their parishes.

“We requested that each parish pastor and administrator ‘read’ each of the interrogatories and that any responsive information be provided.”

MY ANALYSIS: They say “The most effective way” was to do it this way, and they avoid saying, “so we didn't do it any other way.”
The other way would have actually brought up evidence.

They sent a letter to each of the schools and asked the recipients to “read” the interrogatories and provide and responsive information.

(I don't get at all why he keeps putting quotation marks around “read” unless it’s to emphasize that he expected the parish priests to read this letter instead of just filing it. Is that what they usually do?)
They sent similar letters to all the administrators of their cemeteries, so thorough were they. . .

The letters asked for a response in two weeks.


“This created a significant burden in these institutions which have limited resources.”

The Mad Hatter said to the judge, “I am not a wealthy man.”

Gonzales describes a scene where they've brought in 2-6 volunteers to call the 576 locations including Spanish translators.

“It was an extremely arduous and difficult process but one that we completed.”

(I know, the church can’t afford to hire clerical workers after paying for 16 plus law firms to be on hand at all times.)

“At the conclusion of that process, the information was compiled in the form of the Responses to Special interrogatories 1-8, which I reviewed and verified.”

And the Judge accepted them
And Mahony never had to say a thing.
July 17 hearing on this

Where is the Drama, continued after this:

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Where is the Drama?

The hearings ended. Donald Steier walked out of court and threw me a withering “what can I say?” smile. Reporters from both the LA Times and City News were about the only ones left in the room. I asked what about the motion to compel answers of Monsignor Purcell? The clerk says it was taken off calendar as well.

Spano from the Times was up and out calling out to the City News guy, “You on the Spector case again?” City News guy nodded and they both bounded out to go cover the real news story in LA, did Phil Spector pull the trigger or did this actress kill herself in his home three years ago. Since this story doesn’t have enough meat in it, they're cooking up theories about why an actress would be suicidal in Hollywood, (duh) and TV cameras from all over the world are comparing the dead actress to .... the Black Dahlia.

So pantingly the Times and City News went off to join the hordes. If there’s no cameras it can’t be news, that's exactly what the organized criminals want and it’s what they get.

(Side note here: Did anyone else see the humor in what happened in the LA Times over the weekend? Spano was on vacation so they put a new reporter on the Clergy Cases. He proceeded to make a few phone calls and copy and paste from previous stories to produce a Page One Sunday edition story, as is the custom of Mainstream Media in 2007.

The novice reporter gets hold of Jeff Anderson in Minnesota, who is not directly involved with the LA cases, but he is the granddaddy of civil lawsuits against the church. Anderson gave the green Times reporter a great quote about the archdiocese offering settlements, with no attribution, no factual basis at all.

The story of the settlements ran in the Times on Sunday and has since been repeated in regional newspapers around the area. And there’s not a lick of truth in it. Jeff Anderson probably laughed all day Sunday watching mainstream media’s reaction to his quote. The Times reporter came back from vacation and immediately went back to work on the Phil Spector murder trial.)

More document diving after this

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Steven Brady writes that the archdiocese “intends to put into evidence examples of its private repentance and subsequent good conduct in mitigation of its outrageous conduct toward plaintiff.”

That's about the Kreutzer cases with a trial coming up August 8th, I’ll believe it when I see it.

I leave the courthouse still feeling an emptiness. Where is the drama? My brain is not engaged enough.

There isn’t enough drama occupying my head

And instead my own drama comes in. This is how I posted it on a survivors’ message board, where I look plaintively for the help I would get if I could afford therapy.

JULY 11, 2007

A real reason why there should be no SOL on sex abuse as in Canada and Delaware and other civilized places is --

I'm 59 years old. I was five when it happened. I buried it for 40 years. My daughter turned 5 and I started to remember -- but I pushed it back again. It was damaging my daughter for me to remember.

Now my daughter has moved out and it's "okay" to remember now, or something. I'm having flashbacks now, 55 years later

PLUS it takes time even for the memory to unfold. Around May 1 I got this weird rash, in a strange place on the body to have a rash, a place that was involved with what the priest did to me. I've also been having other things "pop" into my head, like my weird relationship with my sister.

Yesterday I came out of court after hearings that fizzled and my mind was just not occupied enough.

Walking across Hill Street to the Metro, just as I stepped up on the curb, ALL OF IT poured in. The cameras, the stuff Father Horne did with both me and my sister while he pointed a camera at us, the weird compulsion I had in 1968 to get my sister and me into a porn shoot together, and then we did it, and then it was so weirdly anti-climatic...

Just like the hearings yesterday were anticlimactic.

Even weirder thing was I just took it. I stood there on the street with my music in my headphones, walked over to a architectural thing there that you can sit on and sat down, got a little excited, maybe my heart rate went up a bit. But I just took it.

It's true you don't remember the whole thing until you are able to remember it.

But I'm 59 years old. How do I even start to find justice when I've just now totally remembered what happened when I was five?

just keep writing I guess...but I still have the rash and it itches like hell...
PS may put this experience in the blog, may not...

For those with memory problems this is from this blog:
Saturday, April 28, 2007
Motion for Discovery Referee and to compel Roger Mahony to comply with discovery, both hearings May 16th as civil cases prepare for jury trials
It takes a court order to get Roger Mahony to comply with discovery law. On May 16th Katherine Freberg asks Judge Haley Fromholz to compel the archbishop to answer interrogatory questions and produce documents needed for the July 9 Hagenbach cases jury trial. In addition plaintiffs request a Discovery Referee in a hearing May 16th as every time plaintiffs try to depose a witness, the church blocks them.

More to Come...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rozo Rincon cases jury trial slips to Oct. 29 due to 11th hour defense motion; Church tries to slip up SOL; did Mahony slip past Interrogatories 1-8?

Church Attorney Potts: Reinstate old SOL "for the general mankind, to promote repose and give humans a sense of security."

By Kay Ebeling
The motion for summary judgment in the Rozo Rincon Cases filed by one of the archdiocese’s 15-plus law firms is not in the public documents. The only way one can know about the motion for summary judgment is by reading the plaintiffs’ objections to it and the judge’s order to continue the Rozo-Rincon cases jury trial from September 10th to October 29th because of it.

LA Superior Court website is at lasuperiorcourt.org/civil/ Type in JCCP4286 as the case number and you will find an alarming number of motions over the next months scheduled for pretrial hearings. There are 23 pretrial hearings from July 10th to 31st, plus the Hagenbach cases jury trial is as of now on calendar for July 16th.

With all this activity, about the only documents filed for the archdiocese that are available in the public databank are motions to strike, motions to quash, and motions for summary judgment. One Church Attorney in particular, Lee Potts from the Hennigan firm, swings at one plaintiff’s pitched case after another, sometimes hitting them out of the park.

In the Rozo-Rincon cases jury trial that had to be delayed from September 10 to October 29, the archdiocese is pulling more strings to prevent the story of this Colombian priest’s two-year multi-victim visit to America in the 1960s from reaching the public.

The motion for summary judgment in BC308395 came so late and at such a surprise to plaintiffs and the judge that the jury trial had to be delayed six weeks.

Here is how defendant answers the complaint in BC308395. (I couldn't find motion for summary judgment but did find this.)

“Defendant denies each and every allegation in said complaint. Defendant further denies that plaintiff has been injured or damaged. Plaintiff fails to state a cause of action, fails to state cause of action, fails to state cause of action. . . .”

Wait a minute. Where are the specifics here? In almost every plaintiff’s complaint are details, dates, proof of supervisors being notified, proof of supervisors ignoring reports.

Where are the specifics? Once again there is never a logical or clear argument in an LA Archdiocese defense document. This is boilerplate, it could apply to any case. In fact the same phrases do come up in several motions for summary judgment, and motions to quash.


“Defendant denies each and every allegation in said complaint. Defendant further denies that plaintiff has been injured or damaged. Plaintiff fails to state a cause of action, fails to state cause of action, fails to state cause of action. . . .”

I know I’ve seen those same boilerplate paragraphs in several other motions filed by Lee Potts.


Hearing July 24th, details After this:

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Hearing July 24 on
Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings
Case CIV 224 635

Here Church Law Firm Hennigan, et al, through garrulous Church Attorney Lee Potts is attacking a case filed by one plaintiff but Potts appears to be arguing against the entire SB1773 opening of the statute of limitations.

First Potts tries to get the case thrown out arguing that 17 times plaintiff “fails to state a cause of action” and besides this “court doesn't have jurisdiction.” He accuses plaintiff’s attorney of using boilerplate wording which is particularly ironic because Potts then uses his own boilerplate wording to argue as he has in many cases that plaintiffs did not properly identify defendants in certificates filed early on in the clergy cases.


But Potts here goes from garrulous to raucous trying to argue for the Court to close back up the window which SB1773 opened in 2003 that allowed the filing of these 550-plus cases. Potts says in this motion set for hearing July 24th:

“The general experience of mankind is that valid claims are not neglected, which has the legal consequence that the lapse of years without enforcement of a demand creates a ‘presumption against its original validity.’”

Potts writes that SOL laws “Promote repose by giving security and stability to human affairs.”

That's what I call Waxing Garrulous.

Can’t wait to see him rattle these arguments out loud in court.

Potts goes on that the court should grant the demurrer because plaintiff was raped in the family home and not on archdiocese grounds, and because (at age ? at time of abuse) there was a “lack of any connection between Plaintiff and the archdiocese.”

At age ??? plaintiff didn't know there was an archdiocese?

Also, since plaintiff here admits he told no one about his sacrilegous abuse at the hands of a pedophile priest, the entire statute of limitations exception of SB1773 is invalid.

I will give a jump by jump description of how Potts argues this motion on July 24 if it gets that far.

Did Mahony Avoid Answering Interrogatories 1 through 8? Read more after this:

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Weird Things happening re Mahony’s answers to Interrogatories 1 through 8, hearing July 17th on Motion for Order Sealing Documents.

I found this ruling from July 3rd for case BC307225

This is the case where Katherine Freberg has been pursuing answers to Interrogatories from Cardinal Roger Mahony since August 2006. This was the hearing that went off the calendar and on again and off again and often ended up in the judge ordering both sides to meet and confer in the jury room, from which they would later emerge red-faced and angry. (See May 30 post and others.)

This is the motion that went off the calendar and back on and off again more times than I could keep track of. Then this particularly sneaky law firm led by Sean Kneafsey showed up and started doing something nasty behind the scenes. City of Angels Lady isn’t sure what they pulled off.

But this is the ruling that came down July 2 on Interrogatories 1-8 from Judge Haley Fromholz:

“The Court has reviewed the Declaration of Monsignor Gabriel Gonzales in Opposition to Plaintiffs’ motion to Compel Special Interrogatories 1 through 8 (plus exhibits re Gonzales declaration) all of which were filed June 29

Motion is denied as to the remaining issues.

Did Mahony just earn his nickname "Teflon Man"?
So far no one from Freberg’s office has returned my emails to answer. . . but I found this on the LA Superior Court website.

07/17/2007 at 08:31 am in department 20 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Motion for Order (SEALING DOCUMENTS(PAPERS FILED ON 6/08)RE: BC307225)


You can have no idea what a delightful thing a Lobster Quadrille is!

No, indeed, said Alice. What sort of a dance is it?
Why, said the Gryphon, you first form into a line along the sea-shore--

Two lines! cried the Mock Turtle. Seals, turtles, salmon, and so on; then, when you've cleared all the jelly-fish out of the way--

THAT generally takes some time, interrupted the Gryphon.

More on a TV series on predator pedophile priests in development, after this:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. It’s time for me to pass the Internet Hat. Please put a high five or more on my Pay-Pal Account. The more I make from the blog, the less hours I have to spend on my wage-slave job. So for More Coverage of Clergy Cases 2007 hit the Donate button in the top left column.

Kay Ebeling Productions is now official:

In an email to Paris Arrow, blogger on the East Coast I just decided as I wrote:

I can tell you that if there are settlements it's sure not the last you are going to hear of this story. Not from me and not from my production company.

You heard it here first. I'm starting a production company to put together a package of two or three long form shows and a TV series for a cable network, based on pedophile priests and their crimes in America in the last 50-100 years.

There are hundreds of stories out there, not just I LA but all over the country. Once these stories get into the media, the patterns of criminal activity, the network of organized crime, will become apparent. If we can’t do a TV series, we'll start with a video blog.

But we've only just begun.

More to Come. . .