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Saturday, October 6, 2007

"Imagine dealing with 300 triggered survivors for 4 years"-- Thank you letter to plaintiff attorneys

(City of Angels Lady is buried in videos for work and unable to post, but wants to share this letter:)
Re interview with Tony DeMarco
(September 23 post)

Tony is a good guy. He handled my case for KBLA for the vast majority of the issues that arose. When I was being deposed his wife was in labor so Paul Kiesel and Cheryl Buchanan handled that.

I know we all tend to get cynical about lawyers at times and when you look at the behavior of the defense lawyers in these cases it's justified often times...my mind goes back to Cody Stanton's motion for summary judgment in my case.

But I think most survivors are if they are anything else, pretty good judges of character....their perps excluded of course. Surviving on the street makes that necessary.

I know that Tony, Cheryl and Paul did their dead level best. They didn't do this for a check, that went out that window a looong time ago if it was ever there at all. The defense stirred up a lot of BS about "greedy lawyers" while getting paid millions themselves. And in the end, what did their clients get for their money? Not much. Not much at all.

I believe that the survivors' lawyers made a huge difference in this case because they knew we were in the right morally. Unlike diocese attorneys, they were highly invested in the case, financially yes and otherwise as well.

They wanted that which was right to prevail.

How they found the time to deal over 300 clients and do so with the compassion and patience that they exhibited is beyond me. Can you imagine dealing with 300 triggered survivors for 4 years? Holy shit!

I have whined about not knowing the amount of my settlement yet, but that isn't their department. What was their department, taking our cases up against 16, 17, 18, or more diocese retained legal firms, and making them pay in loud big numbers, was.

A $200 million dollar settlement in the face of a full on assault from the richest dioceses in this country is an honest testament to their legal skills that will go into the history books along side the LA settlement.

I can honestly say that I'll miss calling them occasionally.

Mike in AZ


hrh said...

Greedy lawyers, indeed. And how many millions has Roger the Dodger paid to his approximately 18 law firms just so he could avoid testilieing?

Makes ya wanna drop an extra buck or three into the Sunday collection plate, don't it?

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