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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Unsettled: Following the international spin

By Kay Ebeling
No time to go document diving most this week but future posts will cover these topics: SHANLEY in Riverside? SUTPHIN roommates with Mahony? We'll also be looking at Exhibit Lists and Witness Lists for cases that were about to go to trial and check into what happened with cases that were dismissed right before July 18th. And most important of all, how did long time church attorney Donald Steier slip past sanctions in that late June hearing?

City of Angels Blog is not going to join the harangue for Cardinal Mahony to step down. If he gets fired he’ll end up being a fall guy, much like the few priests who now sit in jail. The media will trounce on him, there’ll be about a month of attention spent on him and his life, and the real criminals will once again slip like Teflon off a designer kitchen full of pans.

I’m paranoid enough to think firing Mahony would be the Vatican’s way to try again to make the sex crimes “crisis” go away. About as effective as trying to turn back time and give us back our lives as the physics-challenged Mahony claimed he’d do if he could in his “apology.” If Mahony the individual suffers, the criminal structure remains in place, to continue to corrupt everything else it touches in the Catholic hierarchy. Firing Mahony will not accomplish a thing, it will only be symbolic.

Is the LA Times Aiding and Abetting the Archdiocese?
More investigation is needed into the collusion of the LA Times with the archdiocese evidenced here on July 22, Sunday after the settlements with this star opinion piece: (Copy paste into address bar:)


It starts off sounding like it's going to criticize the cardinal. By last paragraph you think he's the great white hope for Latino Americans. The opinion piece ends up saying Mahony’s work in the fields far outweighs his aiding and abetting pedophiles. . . .but it's devious paragraph construction. You think the article is going to say one thing and instead it says another. undoubtedly author Rieff is tied in with Sitrick & Co. PR, as in LA that's how PR works. One client strokes another and all your clients shine.

The Times is, of course, the local paper that cut off its own reporters from access to research the cases. The LA Times stopped paying the 47 a month or whatever to the court for online access to case documents in January 2007.

As pretrial hearings got underway the owners of the Times cut off its own reporters from access to the documents.

Then the Sunday after the settlements they run this twisting editorial that sucks you in and makes you a Cardinal M fan by the end. . . . it even almost worked on me. I like the card after reading this. I think he should don a t-shirt and jeans and go join his followers in the field.

The investigation that I hope is continuing into the archdiocese should look at PR firms and how far they will go for their clients. Apparently anything goes in PR and it's all secret and think about it.

just think about it

Settlement covers suit against former Darien priest
By Lane Kelley
Darien Suburban Life
Fri Jul 20, 2007, 11:14 AM CDT
Darien, IL -

"The largest payout made by the Catholic Church so far to victims of sexual abuse by priests includes the settlement of a suit filed last year against a former Darien priest.

"The suit against the Rev. Robert Boley, former parochial vicar at Darien’s Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, was among the cases settled this week by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for a record $660 million.
The suit states Boley accosted the unnamed woman — now 25 but then a young elementary student — while he was teaching at a Los Angeles parish in the 1980s."

More to Come about that guy. . .


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I got this a few days back and decided to share it with the world:

Abusing Animals May be Profitable for Vatican
Rome, Italy
- July 20, 2007 -

According to sources close to the Vatican, information has been released that details a new profit center that will be managed by Cardinal Bernard Law and will consult with individuals accused of abusing animals. Sources say Law has already secured the profit center's first client, Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick who is facing federal charges concerning the abuse of animals and is the lead suspect who, according to federal authorities also funding the dog-fighting competition.

According to sources who have been following the clergy abuse scandal for the past 1800 years, it's much easier to hide evidence as a priest or seminarian, especially under the guise of the Jesuits, a rogue order responsible for all sorts of heinous crimes against humanity. So Law is moving fast that Vick’s next move is enrolling in a Jesuit Seminary.

Most folks don't seem to give a damn when Catholic priests use innocent children as sex toys, however when it comes to animal cruelty, that's another story. And, Vick is an African-American, this factor alone could test the startup firm's ability to persuade corrupt judges, dirty cops and rotten politicians to turn the cheek in such a high-profile case......

~~This was sent to me by a good friend. Not sure of the author? He sent this to hundreds??

Their money goes out it goes back in again
Catholic Mutual Insurance

So the Catholic Archdiocese pay the premiums to Catholic Mutual Insurance and then the payout comes from Catholic Mutual Insurance and all the money more or less stays in the Church. What an incredible scam. You have to hand it to these thugs. They know how to set up a long term paying institution.

From City Of Angels Blog Side Column:

(More than half of Catholic dioceses buy their insurance from Catholic Mutual, which operates a self-insurance fund for the Catholic Church in North America. per, Ask the Explainer.)

Also on City Of Angels Blog Side Column

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Have become so paranoid I believe Sitrick & Company was just a front PR firm. The real behind the scenes manipulation was done by someone somewhere with a consulting firm

From Daily News editorial Sunday:
Sun Jul 22, 2007, 12:35 AM EDT
The facts of the Los Angeles horror were about to come out. The cardinal would have had to testify in the first of 20 suits coming to trial, something he had been able to avoid by settling (for $114 million, along with religious orders not under his control) 86 earlier cases. Along with the orders, the cardinal has agreed to pay $660 million to the 508 plaintiffs, . . .

putting the total bill on the far side of three-quarters of a billion dollars.

Some church files are to be turned over to a retired judge, who will decide what to make public.
Incredibly, the cardinal is still stonewalling, claiming that he doesn't have to turn over some files. The district attorney says he has an active criminal investigation under way, but what he can do will depend on what documents he can get.

Many cases are beyond the statute of limitations. The importance of the documents, whatever their age, lies in the truths they contain.

Cardinal Mahony said recently "I don't know what to do next." It's simple, your eminence: Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, regardless of what it means for your career.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. It’s time for me to pass the Internet hat. Please put some cash on my PayPal account. If everyone sent me five bucks a month I could quit my night job.

I’m nuts enough to think it’s spinmeisters doing it all, everything you read in mainstream media. The current spin is “Fire Mahony.” But other spins are echoed in the words of the Nuncio in Spain echoing the words of the Pope a day earlier:

“Priests are responsible for the smallest percentage of sexual abuse.

He decried that news of clerical abuse appears “every day on the front pages of certain media,” which he called a form of “discrimination” against the Church “with evil intentions.”

“Read the newspapers, and you will find the same cases every day, sometimes a whole page long, and that is where you can see the evil intentions,” he continued, “and that is called discrimination, no matter how sincere they are trying be.”

The Nuncio made his comments in the city of Aranjuez, where he was participating in a conference at the King Juan Carlos University.

The international spin on this story is “hey this happens other places. They're just enemies of the Catholic Church trying to tear us down.
We're the demons? Going after the church is discrimination against Catholics?


It even happened in Malaysia with “Catholic Online”

We all know how hard it is to correct an error once it’s posted “online.”

Catholic Online ran an article claiming the $650 million is for “a victim.” They ran the article July 19th and as of July 22nd it is still up there claiming 650 million went to one victim.

Even after several peoplel emailed the editor to point out the error Catholic Online did not correct its posst. It's so hard to change an error on an Internet post. Catholic Online can’t possibly be expected to go On Line and correct the lead paragraph of its opinion piece about the settlemetn and clarify that the 650 million is shared with 508 people not One Greedy Anti-Catholic Agitator as they imply.

Internationally the Church is making plaintiffs look greedy and prosecutors look Anti-Catholic and believe me, new Catholics in their new international churches will eat this up and give them all their riches. All part of their overall plan, I guess.

More to Come. . .

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. It’s time for me to pass the Internet hat. Please put some cash on my PayPal account. If everyone sent me five bucks a month I could quit my night job.

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