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Saturday, July 14, 2007

It’s not the same with Baptists and other religions; Catholic secrecy created a haven for sex criminals and attracted pedophiles to priesthood.

We were fodder used to appease struggling priests.

By Kay Ebeling
It’s very suspicious to me that in every parish where pedophile priests operated from at least 1950 to 2000, the Catholic hierarchy responded in the exact same pattern. How in 1971 did the bishop in Minnesota know to respond in exactly the same way as the bishop in New Mexico, and the bishop in Southern California, and the bishop in Boston?

This was more than a few priests with sexual problems. The patterns are too blatant and too often repeated. The transferring from parish to parish. The ignoring of the victims. The very fact that it happened in parish after parish to me is proof that it was policy from the top: not just to protect the church’s image and numbers of membership, but to continue to provide children for priests with sexual problems, with no concern about how being used as sexual fodder for a pervert would affect the lives of the children.

Because children had no value to these bishops. It was more important to satisfy priests who were struggling. There was more to it than simple ignorance, as how could every bishop in every part of the United States all have the same ignorance and the same reaction at the same time?

This was more than a little fondling by an occasional errant priest.

That's why today I feel a special frustration as I see the so-called “survivor community” now trying to focus attention on Baptists and other denominations. Sure there is molestation to a certain degree in every religion, but do they have a structured hierarchy whose very secretiveness allows pedophilia to thrive as does the Catholic Church? Do Baptists even have ceremonies they can use to lure in children?

People still don’t seem to get it. I didn't just get sexually molested, I got sacrificed. Father Horne taught me to talk dirty INSIDE the CONFESSIONAL, where I thought at age 5-6 we were having some special connection with God himself. The reason I pursued more time with the priest in the first place was my passion for Christ and desire to learn more about him. Instead I got sexually aroused and turned out onto the world as if a giant pimp got to me and “turned me out.”

Sure if I’d been molested by my dad I’d have sexual confusion. Even if a Baptist minister got to me it would have a negative effect. But the Catholic priests used the SACRAMENTS.

It amazes me that the story has still not really come out.
This was more than a few errant priests.

This was more than child molestation. For one thing it went on for generations, one pedophile begat another begat another, and it was all allowed to fester and metastasize inside the Catholic Church because of its inherent secrecy and elitist hierarchy.

Even the so-called “survivor community” today wants to spread its message to other denominations. Why? Did other religions have ceremonial Masses where afterwards little boys were told their services as Altar Boys earned them the right to this secret rite of passage only priests can do?

Did Baptist bishops learn about pedophiles and go to great lengths to hide the criminals, transfer them to other parishes where no one knew they were pedophiles?

To the “survivor community”:
Stop turning the attention away from the Catholic Church.

The more SNAP shows up leafleting the Baptists and other denominations, the more I suspect that SNAP is getting its strings pulled by someone very high up in the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

So when I see a quote like this in today’s Texas Observer:

‘David Clohessy, the SNAP national director, describes how Baptists’ decentralized churches are especially vulnerable to sexual predators. “When accountability is dispersed, nobody has to take responsibility for anything,” he says.’

I really wonder. To me the exact opposite is true. It was the centralized control, the control by FEAR of the pope and hierarchy, that allowed this disease to spread in the Catholic Church. I go to Baptist functions today, although I still have trouble stepping into a church. People from Bible-based religions make their spiritual decisions on their own. They read Scripture and take action, and any Bible-based church that tries to control its members the way Catholics do is not a true Bible-based church.

People who are still stuck in the Catholic religion, as are most of the SNAP hierarchy, don’t even seem to get it. It’s the very structure of the Catholic Church itself that caused pedophilia to spread.

Pedophiles had plenty of ways to network, even before there was an internet. Believe me, once word got out about how priests had free access to children, and how priests had protected status that kept them from being prosecuted, pedophiles flocked to the Catholic priest profession.

The Catholic Church, especially in Southern California, is responsible for turning these pedophiles loose on the population. The Southern California Catholic Church owes a lot more than settlements to the 550 people who fit the criteria to file civil lawsuits. The Catholic Church hierarchy needs to be investigated and prosecuted and held accountable for generations of pedophiles and how they affected generations of normal human beings who happened to have to interact with these criminals who worked and thrived as priests in the Catholic Church.

I hope once these cases are settled we can go onto more important things, like prosecuting the church at a national level and getting to the bottom of how corrupt the organization is from the top down, how much damage they did not just to the children they molested but to anyone who ever interacted with those children as we grew up reacting to this Sacramental Sex Crime.

The Catholic Church has twisted the words of Jesus and the first Christians since about the year 100 AD. It’s about time people woke up.

Don’t trust anything written in the church after the year 100 AD.

This was not just a few errant priests with sexual problems. It was institutional, children were disposable in order to meet the needs of problem priests.

Where are all the attorneys general and DA’s?

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