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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weird things happen when you blog about the sins of the LA Archdiocese -- for one, a document disappeared re the Paul Kreutzer cases

By City of Angels Lady

Weird things have been happening to me since I started writing this blog in January. For example author Randy Engel sent me a promo copy of her book The Rite of Sodomy. First it took a real long time to arrive. Then it disappeared from my home. It’s about a 10-12 pound book, huge, and I had set it aside to use like an encyclopedia as I write this blog. You don’t accidentally throw away a 12-pound book.

Then there’s the document I found on May 23rd where Paul Kreutzer was trying to get a damaging piece of evidence removed from his cases which begin jury trial June 11th. I wrote about the document here and by May 25th the document was gone, disappeared from the screen. In that case it could just be that Baker Baker Fink et al church attorneys just quietly withdrew their motion.

However, weird things have been happening to me since last year when I started posting on the SNAP message board. I lost my job last July in almost the same pattern of circumstances as I lost my job this month.

Last July and again this May I was working, thriving, then all of a sudden the work slowed down almost to a stop. Both times, clients just quit sending jobs to the company I worked for. Both times the stress and fear of homelessness freaked me out so bad I went 5150 into a hospital. Both times when I got out of the hospital a week later, my job was gone.

During the time between when Randy Engel’s book arrived and I realized it was gone, for a while the sliding glass door to our apartment did not close. (LA has little earthquakes every few days, the land shifts.) It took the landlord more than a month to finally do the repairs to get the lock to hook with the latch, so for weeks anyone could have broken in to our home.

One day I came home and could tell someone had been in the house by the way the door wasn’t closed. But it didn't look like anything had been stolen.

About a week later I realized Randy’s book, The Rite of Sodomy, was gone. They didn't steal my out-of-date video equipment or any of my “priceless” little statues -- just that one book which details sex crimes in the Catholic Church for centuries. As soon as I have 27 dollars I’ll buy another one, but circumstances in my life right now are also making all the money disappear. . . .

Having recently been 5150d to a mental institution I don't want to sound like I have Narcissistic Personality Disorder and everything centers on me and the church has hired dirty tricksters to mess with my life. There are probably other explanations. I just think weird things have happened since I started writing this blog.

For more background read May 23rd post

Several plaintiff cases have progressed so far in discovery that they can now file “Amended Complaints for Punitive Damages.” They file a motion listing the evidence found so far in Discovery and as Judge Fromholz did May 23, if there’s enough evidence to show that “the plaintiff will prevail” in the lawsuit, plaintiffs can begin to “discover” the financial assets of the defendant for reference in future settlements.

That is what happened in the hearing May 23rd, although the only thing mainstream media has written about is “the missing videotape” in Lynn Caffoe’s case, which is just one item in a long stream of damaging pieces of evidence against the church and its handling of Caffoe’s crimes and victims.

(As you may not know LA does not really have a newspaper right now, just some over worked reporters at the Times doing the work of five people trying to produce profit for whoever owns the paper this week. So it’s understandable that the only thing they wrote about was the “missing Lynn Caffoe videotape” as that's what excites the readers’ salacious appetites.)

Stop Rambling, Kay, and Write About Kreutzer

This document written by Baker Baker Fink et al Church Attorneys appeared right after a Kreutzer case (BC308065) filed its Motion to Amend Complaint to add punitive damages. Apparently Church Attorneys, as always representing their client’s best interest, were going to try to get a major piece of damaging evidence thrown out before the June 11th trial.

In 2003 two FBI agents interviewed Paul Kreutzer with a tape recorder running in full view, and the former Catholic school teacher who liked his girls prepubescent must have said some damaging things on that tape. So now Baker Baker Fink et al Church Attorneys were going to try to say Kreutzer was lying to the FBI

(Yeah, people always lie to the FBI in taped recorded interviews)

In trying to prove Kreutzer was just saying what the FBI agents wanted him to say, Baker Baker Fink et al Church Attorneys submitted this testimony of Kreutzer obviously saying what the church attorneys wanted him to say in an April 23rd deposition :

CHURCH ATTORNEY: Okay, But in that interview that was tape recorded, were you truthful in that interview?

KREUTZER: No I wasn’t.

Q: You were saying things that were --

A: I was agreeing.

Q: Alright. Let me ask the question.

A: Okay

Q: You were agreeing with the questions so that you could help Lucie?

A: Absolutely.

Q: When asked did you feel that Sister Frances Catherine knew or should have known that you were -- tape skips -- touching the children?” and you say “She should have known.” Was that true or false?

KREUTZER: No that was not true.

Here is More on the Kreutzer case going to trial June 11
As none of you readers will likely end up on the jury:

In 1975 to 1976 school year at Our Lady of Peace Elementary School in North Hills, California, Paul Kreutzer taught math & science to fifth graders.

(*Both he and Sister Frances Catherine had come from CHICAGO to North Hills at the same time and they knew each other in Chicago and I know there’s much more story there. )

When the female plaintiff, then a fifth grader, tried to report the way Kreutzer was molesting her she was beaten by Sister Frances Catherine because “she continued to insist on the truth of her allegations,” reads the complaint.

The fifth grade girl was then forced along with another plaintiff to go to every classroom and apologize in front of all the students and Paul Kreutzer for accusations made against him.

(Kreutzer and Sister Frances must have been quite a pair. He’s the predator she’s the sadist?)

Most creepy about this case:
After the preteen plaintiffs had been forced to apologize in front of the entire school, Kreutzer now had free and clear access to the girls.

He continued to rape them, “knowing that now no one would believe her if she reported it.”

He continued to molest the plaintiff “even in the classroom after school.”

“Rather than doing any investigation or even telling (plaintiffs’) parents that a similar accusation had been made by another parent, Sister Frances Catherine literally beat a 10 year old girl into ‘confessing’ to a lie and thereby allowed Kreutzer to continue and escalate his molestations,” reads the complaint, filed by Steven J. Brady, attorney for the plaintiff in San Rafael.

Note of explanation: What is happening with these amended complaints for punitive damages?
Based on Code of Civil Procedure sec 425.14

When “Plaintiff has established evidence which substantiates that plaintiff will meet the clear and convincing standard of proof...

“The court may allow the filing of amended complaint for punitive or exemplary damages.”

On June 5 there will be a hearing on amended complaint for punitive damages in this Kreutzer case similar to the one on May 23 regarding a Caffoe case and a Rucker case. So things are moving along for the plaintiffs.

Especially to Phillip Baker, the second Baker, Church Attorney

While document diving Friday I opened another motion filed by Baker Baker Fink et al Church Attorneys. The original document was scanned on the screen and there was Phillip Baker’s signature.

I know he was trying to write a “PB” but the signature jumps right out from the page and says “DAD.”

Dear Phillip Baker, you don’t have to continue representing the church just because your dad signed the archdiocese as a deep-pockets client. I know from your signature and the expression on your face, indeed your every move in body language, that Dear Mr. Phillip Baker, you really don’t want to be in court. You’d rather be at the beach. You really don’t want to defend the archbishop, you really know the plaintiffs are right here and your client is wrong.

So come over to the right side, Mr. Baker, it’s not too late. You can still save your soul, come over to the right side, come over to the right side. . . and bring some files with you and contact me as soon as you get a conscience.

You can work with the plaintiffs, Mr. Baker, and maybe heal your damaged soul.

It’s not too late, you still have time, come over to the right side, Mr. Baker, come over to the right side. And bring me those files. Bring me the story, bring me the story

NEXT POST Tuesday May 29th
“Lots and Lots of Document Diving”

More to come. . .

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