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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rucker pleas for immunity before he talks in deposition; Rucker cases jury trial December 3, 2007

By City of Angels Lady

I’m breathless but have to go for one more Document Dive. At the Bottom of Page one, going down the JCCP documents in descending order, I find this plea re case BC307410 filed 5.23.07. “Motion for protective order and grant of immunity for defendant George Neville Rucker” -- 21 pages. I also have yet to report that Tony DeMarco was on his way to depose Wempe after court yesterday. Plus I found Kreutzer Cases jury instructions, evidence, and lists of witnesses. (See next post.)

The hearing on immunity for Rucker is on calendar for July 10, barring unanticipated date-shuffling. Rucker pleas for immunity as a way of “Protecting him and immunizing him from criminal prosecution. . . .

“In particular Defendant moves (for) Order immunizing him from prosecution for any act of child molestation, sexual abuse of a minor, and any conspiracy to commit or conceal such acts by Defendant or any other person . . .

Rucker asks for immunity re: “Conspiracy to defraud the public, failure to report, aiding and abetting any criminal act, acting as an accessory after the fact as to any criminal act, (any participation in) continuing criminal enterprise in any manner.”

(Hmm. What does Mr. Rucker want to say?)
Let Me Interview Him!!!

(Mr. Steier, as I’ve asked you before, set me up in a room with George Neville Rucker and my tape recorder. If he wants to talk, let him talk to me, and so directly confess to all the world through this blog. I’ll interview Mr. Rucker, transcribe it verbatim, and post it here for everyone to read.

(And we can all pass the hot coals* buck up, so to speak. The priests are not the guilty parties here, it’s the bishops and higher. Parishioners should not be paying for settlements, it should come from the Vatican.

(So, please, Mr. Steier, bypass conventional communications and set me up to interview Rucker, or Wempe or Baker or one of your other priest criminal defense clients.

(I’ll get their story out. You can count on that.)

(Copy typing by Kay)

“Defendant does not want any of his testimony in this matter to be available to support either a genuine or false accusation that he committed a crime. At Defendant’s age, the concern is literally one of life and death.

“…Conspiracies alleged to be ongoing.”

In 2002 a Rico act suit was filed alleging “that the Los Angeles Roman catholic Archdiocese is a ‘continuing criminal enterprise’ in violation of federal civil and criminal laws (commonly called the ‘RICO Act’).

“If Defendant (Rucker) were to be charged at any time in the future for a sexual offense not yet committed or alleged, any evidence of the sexual offenses contained in these complaints would be admissible against him. Thus his answers to deposition questions about past acts have a real potential to incriminate him in the future.

“The Fifth Amendment protects Defendant against such use of his testimony. It is clearly not impossible for him to be accused of a criminal act, whether he commits such an offense or not.

“It is important to note that the gravamen of the allegations against him in the overwhelming majority of claims against Defendant in these cases involve alleged lewd touching with the hands, which does not require the ability to…”

(Sorry it gets real sexually graphic in the next sentences. Don’t even want to go there.)

. . . . .
Once a Pedophile Always A Pedophile?
Oh that old wives’ tale, no, not a mantra*

“Indeed Plaintiff, their attorneys, and other advocates have often recited the mantra (sic) ‘Once a pedophile, always a pedophile.’ Without debating the veracity of that cliché, it is clear that one cannot determine that it is impossible for Defendant to be charged with a sexual offense in the future, and that is the standard required by the Supreme Court. . .”

* I wish people with no knowledge of eastern religion would stop co-opting words like mantra. Oh and how about Investment Guru? Really irks my wrath. . .

Document Quotes Continued:

Rucker’s testimony about past acts has “the potential to make Defendant an unwilling witness against himself in any future prosecution for a sexual offense that occurred any time after 1967.”

“Two Motions to Compel Rucker to testify in deposition have been heard, and the court has issued two orders for him to answer certain questions and yet to be propounded ‘follow-up’ questions.

“Defendant submits it will be much more expeditious to grant him immunity from future prosecution related to his testimony, and against use of his testimony in any future prosecution unrelated to his testimony. . . so that these matters may proceed without undue delay.

Signed Donald H. Steier
Guzin & Steier
For Defendant George Neville Rucker

Next blog: Kreutzer Case Exhibits and Witnesses

** Re: Hot Coals:
Romans 12:20-21

“If your enemies are hungry, feed them.
If they are thirsty, give them something to drink.
In doing this, you will heap
burning coals of shame on their heads.”

21 Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil with good

Yay! Flower Power!
More to Come. . .

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