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Thursday, December 6, 2007

New dates for Salesians cases, but Salesian victims get their checks with the rest of LA plaintiffs

By Kay Ebeling
April 14 and August 25, 2008 are new jury trial dates for LA civil cases regarding the Salesians religious order, in Judge Emilie Elias' court, Division 310.

However, LA plaintiff attorneys, savvy from watching the Salesians’ past performance avoiding final justice, negotiated payments for the 17 Salesian related plaintiffs to be part of the total LA settlement. In other words the 17 Salesian victims whose cases go to trial in 2008, did get settlement checks this week with the rest of the LA plaintiffs.

“The Archbishop is to pay an average of $1.502 million to each of the 17 plaintiffs with claims against the Salesians,” as spelled out in Judge Haley Fromholz’ final order regarding the Clergy Cases, November 27th.

Attorneys for the Salesians last week tried to hold up all 506 payments to LA plaintiffs, but even the LA Archdiocese wouldn't stoop that low. “The Archbishop states that the $1.502 million amount is fair in light of what plaintiffs have received as jury verdicts in clergy abuse cases.”

More to come. . .

1 comment:

disapointed said...

I tell you what, the salesians are the only smart ones to challenge the la arch. and even better they are getting more than most of us in this settlement. I mean when it first came out it was 1.3 million each and that would have been ok, but then hold up everyone the rules changed and they went back to give everyone different amounts according to their damage, but in all fairness to everyone we should have all received the same. our lawyers chicken out at the last minute. we were there ready to go and they did this. The sad part is I an not even getting half, and then they get there take, so for 400 something I would have taken then to trial. WHO Is TO SAY, (SINCE WE DIDNT GO TO TRIAL) THAT MY ABUSE WAS ANY DIFFERENT THAN ANYONES ELSES.I GOT ABUSE JUST LIKE THE REST AND IN THE SAME PLACES AND THE DRUG USE AND ALCOHOL. SO why different