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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Civil Cases Behind Us, Let’s Produce Something New, Group Meets Sunday in LA to Brainstorm

By Kay Ebeling

UPDATE: September 7. Haven't quit writing, just really slammed at work. More to come. . .

The complete story of what happened in the rectories and behind bishops’ doors has yet to come out. A group is meeting next Sunday afternoon here in LA, details on the left hand column of this blog. LA is full of creative people. The goal of this survivors’ project is to produce . . . something. My idea is a low budget digital video to post on a blog and then go from there. But I’m hoping people bring other ideas to the group.

With this blog I've learned the therapy is not just in writing but in having people read what you say. So with the civil cases mostly settled, it’s a good time to start a creative project, focusing of pedophile priest rapes, one story at a time, one parish, city, one region at a time. The goal is to get more details of the stories out to more people, using whatever media we know how to use.

There’s video blogs or I also thought we could do a play we’d perform as guerrilla theater in parks and public places. Part of the show would be handing out rotten tomatoes for the audience to throw at scarecrow like figures of bishops and priests. So the meeting Sunday is open to any ideas.

There are so many details from one crime to the next that are the same from city to city, children raped by a pedophile priest with the crime abetted by bishops. Yet there are still people all over the country who think this is all just about a little fondling. (See the new book Sacrilege, by Leon Podles, published this month.)

We're meeting this Sunday to discuss the first videos or other creative projects and ideas that people bring.

We weren’t just primed by pedophiles, they used Catholic sacraments to groom us.
The similarities and patterns in our stories are astounding.
My first posts here and on a message board I thought I’d be met with snarling angry emails. Instead I found a small population of people all over the country who share this peculiarly similar experience of being groomed -- as pedophiles so often groom children -- but with Catholic sacraments used as an aide in grooming us.

Producing this blog has given me a voice that's being heard. As a group we could expand that experience exponentially. So I hope people in LA who want to work on this project can make it to this Sunday’s meeting.

Details in the left column.

Nothing feels better than when you have a message
You HAVE TO get out
And people receive it.

You Get It Out.
There’s no therapy better than that.

Producing the City of Angels blog this past year has helped me more than 20 years in and out of therapy, 15 years of being clean and sober, immersion baptism and who knows what all else I’ve tried.

There is This Need to Get the Story Out.

So. . . let’s produce something!

Like Mickey Rooney to Judy Garland, I’m saying, "Hey I've got an idea, let's put on a show."

There are a lot of ways to tell these stories. My idea of a low budget digital video to put on a blog is just one idea.

I hope we can find a voice as a group and use it.

Anyone who feels as frustrated as I do that these stories have yet to come out and the legal system is not the way to do it -- hope to see you Sunday. The act of expression may heal even better than a settlement.

Kay Ebeling
Los Angeles


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I make a fraction of a penny every time someone goes to an ad from this blog, so in a year or so I’ll have a hundred dollars.

The Pay Pal account is also still active, but I feel like I’ve been asking the same 300 people to click the button.

And the People Who Clicked the PayPal Button

Last May and June I had ZERO INCOME from my other job. This blog and people's continued clicks of the PayPal button kept me and my daughter from being homeless.

So once again thank you to all who supported the blog.

Now Google has noticed how successful the blog is and added advertising.

Who knows where it will go from here.

Is This A Support Group Meeting Sunday?

No, this isn’t going to be a support group. We're going to produce something. I mean there’s the video blogs.

Or there’s live performances with rotten tomatoes.

For years I flailed about, writing draft after draft of My Story That Needs To Get Out. Then I started City of Angels blog and I was all meek and scared, sure I’d be met with fierce angry emails. Instead people read what I was writing, and within months I had this constructive venue for so much of my anger.

I can’t even begin to describe how much my self esteem is improved because people are reading the things I Burn To Say About The Story That Needs To Get Out.

To use better media than this blog we need to work as a group, so I hope people come Sunday with lots of ideas.

So many of us in LA are in the creative arts by profession or close to the arts. I’m sure a lot of survivors are also writers, directors, actors, prop specialists, sound specialists, and most important able to approach financiers for funding. This will NOT be a NON PROFIT, but the formation of a company. Whoever shows up at this meeting and actively participates will be a co-founder

An Executive Producer --

Your name on IMDB.com
More to Come. . .

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