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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's clear: LA Times now provides PR service for LA archdiocese; plus things accidentally left out of last two posts

By Kay Ebeling
The LA Times came through with an article Monday that was orchestrated by the LA archdiocese PR machine. You can see Teachers Assistant Sitrick in front of Public Relations 301 class holding up a PERT chart saying, You take this action, (points to cardinal meeting with crime victims) and the result just a few weeks later is this (points to rosy articles all over the news about crime victims meeting with the cardinal).

CLOSEUP: Tear willowing down the Cardinal’s bony cheek.

Here is the beginning of the article. The first few sentences are right out of Journalism 101 in adult school. Come on, this is the LA Times, or it was:

Abuse victims turned to Mahony in anger, pain
As lawyers worked on a payout, the archbishop met individually with more than 70 victims.

By Rebecca Trounson, Tami Abdollah and John Spano, Times Staff Writers
July 30, 2007

They arrived at the civil courthouse in downtown Los Angeles with their spouses, their parents, girlfriends or siblings. One group of childhood friends, now in their 50s, came together; as girls, they had been molested by the same priest.

Some sought an apology, others reconciliation. And some just hoped to vent their outrage and be heard, directly, by Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, who has headed the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles since 1985. . . .

For the last year, as attorneys have battled over the size and details of an ultimately record-breaking clergy abuse settlement by the Los Angeles Archdiocese, Mahony has met individually with more than 70 of those who sued him

Yada yada yada . . .

However, Mahony’s PR machine is not limited to Los Angeles.

Here’s the same story taking place in Joliet, Illinois:

Critics: Diocese has seen little change in past year
August 1, 2007
By Ken O'Brien Special to the Daily Southtown

When he was introduced last year to replace Bishop Joseph Imesch, Bishop J. Peter Sartain talked about healing the wounds of people who accused priests of sexually abusing them. . . .

Imesch became a target because of how he handled the cases. Attorneys who've sued the diocese say he protected priests at the expense of children.

In the last year, Sartain said, he has met with victims of priest sexual abuse in the diocese. He said those meetings "were gut-wrenching" and resulted in him praying for them "for healing in whatever way they need it."

Yada yada yada again--

Apparently reporters in Joliet use the same Catholic Church PR releases, only with a local spin, to write their stories as do the reporters in Los Angeles.

And as always, to fill up those column inches you call spokes models, I mean spokes persons for associated groups that publicize themselves as spokes persons. . .

Things left out of last two blogs after this:
I hope you enjoy reading this blog. It’s time for me to pass the Internet hat. Please put some cash on my PayPal account by clicking the button in the top left corner, to help keep this blog alive. Thank you.

When I wrote that story in the last blog, the incident in the liquor store basement, right before posting I cut several paragraphs in a near panic. By doing that I accidentally left out the two most important parts of the story.

1-- when it happened I did not yet connect my relationship with Father Horne with my out of control behavior. I was still living in the middle of living it.

Point is there are probably a few hundred people on Santa Monica Boulevard or Sunset today in the same state of delusion. I didn't make the connection between pedophile priest rape and me acting out as an adult until I finally slowed down enough to look at it, in my forties.

Also Number 2 --

--and this is the most important part of the incident under the door in the floor of the liquor store.

I got rescued once again by an angel. Well not as blatantly as in my story at


under the Chapter titled “A miracle that I made it past my teens-- literally.”

After the incident in the liquor store basement --

I was lying on top of a pile of liquor bottle crates or a table, whatever was in that basement.

This blond guy had been standing off to the side the whole time. He sort of carried me, somehow got me out of that basement. He took me to his little apartment down the street and nursed me to health. Then as soon as he wasn’t looking I ran out the door.

Just like that time in Galveston, oh shoot, that's another whole story:

Point is once again something miraculous happened that saved me. I’ve always said that God looked down and saw what was happening to me at age five-six and he dispatched a separate special set of angels to watch over me, because He knew, after having that experience I was going to get into a lot of trouble in my life.


Forgot to include the definition of priest from an 1897 Bible Dictionary

Re Sunday’s headline: “Don’t Trust Anything Written after 100 AD.” The meaning of the word “priest” as it was revolutionized by Christ himself “implies no sacerdotal functions” and the term priest now post-Christ applies to all believers.

Again the exact opposite of what it says in the New Testament about how to create a church is what we have today in the Catholic Church.

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary

“The whole priestly system of the Jews was typical. The Jewish priests all prefigured the great Priest who offered "one sacrifice for sins" "once for all" (Heb. 10:10, 12). There is now no human priesthood. (See Epistle to the Hebrews throughout.) The term "priest" is indeed applied to all believers (1 Pet. 2:9; Rev. 1:6), but in these cases it implies no sacerdotal functions. All true believers are now "kings and priests unto God." As priests they have free access into the holiest of all, and offer up the sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving, and the sacrifices of grateful service from day to day.

So not only is there not "only one true church," but to follow Christ, you really don’t even need a church at all.

But you do need a blog:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. It’s time for me to pass the Internet hat. Please put some cash on my PayPal account by clicking the button in the top left corner, to help keep this blog alive. Thank you.

I went to the Courthouse earlier this week and there are still hearings going on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. City of Angels Lady will be there next week and you can read the reports here.

More to Come. . .

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