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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"I don't recall, I don't recall" a sure sign he's lying, whether it's a Bushie or a bishop

Reading a monsignor’s deposition in January his answer was “I don't recall, I don't recall,” to almost every question. At the same time, the US Attorney General was on the news testifying, “I don't recall, I don't recall” to almost every question in the US Senate.

Then last week a Bishop Brom deposition came up and to almost every question Brom replied, “I don't recall, I don't recall.” Again, as I was reading, there was Gonzales on the news saying “I don't recall, I don't recall.” Literally, the words “I don't recall, I don't recall” hit my head from the computer screen and the TV screen at the same time, both times.

It’s not a coincidence when you think about it, more like a clue. The "bad guys" in Washington and Texas, as well as in The Vatican and LA, have twisted the integrity that comes with power so much, they can say under oath I don't remember or I don't recall; because obviously who’s ever going to know you're lying? It’s the ultimate Teflon. No matter how obvious the crime, as long as you say, I don't remember, no one will ever know if you do or you don’t.

Like kids saying, I’m not a liar. I’m not lying right now.

Since beginning to write on this issue, it’s been obvious to me, God has a sense of humor. I mean when a perp priest has a name like “Wempe” or as in my case, Father Horne. . . . to me that’s a clue from God to find humor in all of this stuff or you won’t be able to handle it.

Just like he sends clues as to who you can trust, based on similarities in the way criminals answer questions under oath. And he uses timing, a basic storytelling technique, to help us figure out who the bad guys are.

The monsignors and bishops are right up there with Bush’s hand-picked advisors in terms of fraud, deceit, and corruption.

It’s just a matter of time.


(City of Angels apologizes, but could not make it to hearings this morning, as daughter “moved back in” at 3:15 AM.)

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Paris said...

There is an appropriate image of Cardinal Law in my weblog -- The John Paul II Millstone -- www.jp2m.blogspot.com -- wherein he keeps saying "I don't recall, I don't remember" and yet he can cite the Bible word for word.

See John Paul II and Cardinal Berbard Law: Cohorts in Crime, October 26, 2006


St. Michael the Archangel tied an 8ftX3ft millstone around the neck of John Paul II in America at the July 2002 WYD World Youth Day -- because the Pope refused to repent and stop his papal army, the JPIIPP John Paul II Pedophile Priests. Look at the WTC & 9/11 attacks-5,000 victims-19 Muslims-Osama bin Laden vis-a-vis the USA Priest Pedophilia-12,000 victims-5,148 priests-John Paul II...... The JPIIPP was the Pope's Achilles Heel and the iceberg that sank the John Paul II Titanic ship......

Paris Arrow

John Paul II Millstone