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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

As Jury Trials Approach, Plaintiffs Compel Depositions and Documents, Church Fights for Pedophile Pederast Priest and Cardinals' Rights


Jury trials begin this summer in the L.A. Clergy Cases so I spent some time in Room 106 of Superior Court today to see what type of documents have been filed in the last few weeks.

There have been settlements. About 30 documents down from the top, “Motions of Good Faith Determinations” on the part of the Congregation of the Mission also known as “the Vincentians” and 10 plaintiffs. There are still other defendants in these cases, the RCC Archbishop "DOE 1" and St. John’s Seminary "DOE 2" but at least the Vincentians have dropped out of the lawsuit insanity.


Over and over again the LA Archdiocese refuses to turn over documents and exhibits while at the same time filing motions to strike and quash cases because the plaintiffs don’t have documents and exhibits.

Your eyes start to blur as you open one document after another.

It’s hard to tell which cases connect with which priests. For example on July 9 the jury trial is for “Hagenbach Cases”

But one Hagenbach case alone names 28 priests who were apparently part of an inner circle of pedophiles in Southern California.

Many of these inner circle pedophile pederast priests came from Our lady of the Angels Junior Seminary. As teachers and education professionals they recruited young boys like a NAMBLA network on a mission from god. Those select young boys went through the seminary and went on to become priests -- priests with a peculiar predilection for young boys themselves, and the abuse became generational.

Young priests graduated from seminaries run by pedo-rapist priests, then spread throughout Southern California. After finishing at Our Lady of the Angels, or St. Johns Seminary in Camarillo, which is named in another suit with another BC number,

These priests specially trained and developed as young boys recruited into the seminary now went out into Southern California parishes throughout reaching as far north as Santa Rosa.

These junior seminarians turned semen specialist priests moved in to the communities of Southern California and become pastors.


Where they preyed on little boys and girls -- diddling moms sometimes to get to the children -- supported by the L.A. Archdiocese hierarchy for decades


The Catholic Church created an epidemic of child molestation in Southern California Catholic churches, and this summer will only be the tip of the iceberg as the stories come out in jury trials.

In one Hagenbach case alone these priests associated with Queen of Angels Junior Seminary are named:

G. Patrick Ziemann

Taught at Our Lady Queen of Angels Junior Seminary then went on to become Bishop of Santa Rosa. He had to resign that post after it came out that he blackmailed a younger priest into having sex with him.

Gerald Fessard

Was Associate Superintendent of Elementary Schools in the Los Angeles Archdiocese in 1981 after being run out of Santa Clara parish in Oxnard for sexually graphic talk with students. In February 1987 Fessard became Dean of Studies at Queen of Angels Junior Seminary and within months he was brought up on charges for molesting no less than 8 seminarians in their beds.

John Farris

A most prolific child molester / faculty member of Our Lady Queen of Angels Junior Seminary, Farris was also one of the most popular teachers. He specialized in combining “spiritual advisement” with sex molestation.


I continued reading documents that were recently filed in the Clergy Cases:

Defendant Blessed Sacrament:

Baker and Baker attorneys for the church again
One after the other Baker & Baker represent the church and deny all allegations.

“Defendant denies that plaintiff has been injured

Defendant Doe 10, 14, and 27’s answer to Plaintiff's motion. Doe 10 is St. Paul the Apostle, Blessed Sacrament is Doe 14, Doe 27 is St. Lawrence of Brin

Again the church “Denies that plaintiffs have been injured or damaged by any act on the part of defendants/

“Deny injury

“Cause of action or prayers for relief fail as a matter of law.”


I’m up to PAGE 3 on the screens of documents filed in LA Clergy Cases, about 30 documents per page.


Defendant Doe 3’s answer to Plaintiff

Again Baker & Baker attorneys for the church
This one has 1000 or so defendants and 13 plaintiffs

On the part of Doe 3 St. Francis of Rome School/ Parish defendant answers and denies every allegation… denies plaintiff has been injured by any action on its part

And so on.
Bc308395, bc307934, bc308665, bc308608, bc3086507.


Over and over again Doe Defendants respond to plaintiffs and deny all allegations.

Plaintiffs are filing motions to compel deposition and vice versa and a lot of the recent activity in the Clergy Cases has been in cases that still have no trial dates scheduled.



St. Johns Seminary has until April 17 to get Monsignor Helmut Hefner to produce documents. The monsignor showed up at a recent deposition without documents he’d been court ordered to produce. Katherine Freberg will be arguing at that hearing to get the judge to nudge St. Johns --

In this case, BC307225, Donald Steier, a criminal attorney who specializes in pedophile pederast priest rapists defense in Los Angeles waited until four days prior to deposition to write a letter to the plaintiffs saying Monsignor Helmut Hefner could not bring seminary files from :

and Dawson

-- with him to the depositions.

“This court has already ordered the production of files on the entire seminary file as part of written discovery,” writes a plaintiff’s attorney.



Throughout the cases Cardinal Roger Mahony tries to have it both ways.

He claims these rapist priests have nothing to do with the Archdiocese while at the same time claiming he can’t release files and documents because these priests are part of the archdiocese --

He’s been having it both ways for so long he doesn't even see the contradiction here and uses this argument over and over again, fighting plaintiffs.

Another Repeated Contradiction in the Church’s Arguments:

There is no evidence

But when plaintiffs file motions to compel documents and motions to produce witnesses for deposition

Church attorneys refuse to produce witnesses or documents

It's like a little poem

They don't have any evidence
'cause we won't let 'em have any evidence
n'yah, n'yah, n'yah


The church actually got away with a motion for summary judgment in Mike Shoemaker’s case in January using that no evidence because we won't give you any evidence argument. Watch this weekend for a special blog post on Mike’s Story -- Or The Naked Priest.

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