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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Defense of Catholic Church for Harboring Pedophiles Applies Cut And Paste Wizardry


Posted by me recently on a survivor email link:

“I think all of us, the church and the survivors both have put too much attention on us, the immediate crime victims. Because the crimes of the church go so much deeper.

Pedophiles saw the priests getting away with it and so felt empowered to perpetrate freely. People around the crime were affected, and they affected 10 to 200 people and each one of those affected 10 to 2000 people.

We would not have rampant sexual crimes in our cities today if the church had taken care of this problem as soon as they discovered it.

Like it or not the church is responsible for women getting raped in cities across America, kids getting kidnapped and sold to networks of pedophiles, and the sometimes unbelievably sick crimes that second and third generation degenerates are committing against innocent people all over America.

The catholic church empowered the pedophiles and turned them loose on our culture. They are guilty of more than allowing a small percentage of priests to "just" rape a few thousand children in their own rectories”.

The Motion to Strike against case BC308065 that I went to watch last Tuesday took place on February 20th instead. Well not exactly. It was on the calendar then off the calendar then on then off, then on Tuesday morning at 8:20 or so AM the court clerk taped the updated schedule on the wall outside the courtroom and the hearing for BC308065 was scrawled in pen again at the bottom of the page.

There he was again -- this character who shows up often to argue hearings for the archdiocese. His name is Lee W. Potts and if you go to the website for L.A. Superior Court, you will see the torrents of motions and opinions and summonses and deposition testimony demurrers and on and on, many of which say Statement of Lee W. Potts in support of this motion and that motion or if you open the file you will see Lee W. Potts is the person who filed it. There was his note at the bottom of the posted calendar page and there he was.

Lee W. Potts looks like a short, skinnier Anthony Perkins. His wiry body concedes he’s a man of boundless energy, and the endless stream of motions and pleadings he’s contributed to the three thousand plus documents in the clergy cases files attest to his proficiency with word processing.

Ironically, Potts argues in the 37 motions to strike he filed on January 16th about the plaintiffs’ “chain letter pleadings.” Open any one of the “motion to strike and dismiss” files at JCCP4286 at the Superior Court website under JCCP Documents and you will see that argument about the plaintiffs’ “chain letter pleadings,” usually around page 9 of 19, on each motion, hmm. . .

Basically early last January Potts went a little crazy at his computer and employing the power of cut and paste technology he filed these 37 motions to strike and dismiss and each one reads almost exactly the same except for a few words -- here the temp getting 12 an hour probably typed in the name of the perpetrator or the name of the plaintiff -- and then out came another motion to strike to add to the thousands of files in the clergy cases.

My favorite little phrase from Potts’ copy-paste gems is, “All Claims of Childhood Sex Abuse are Irrelevant and Make-Weight.” That precious argument you can find on about page 10 of 18 or was it 7 of 12. He actually filed two fistfuls of Motions to strike January 16 and they are listed on the site as Motion to Strike X 27 and Motions to Strike X 11. So Mr. Potts took the time to write two different addresses on his chain letter pleadings.

One set has to do with Certificates of Merit which -- okay I’m trying to figure out what all the gibberish means and I think he’s saying the plaintiffs didn't name the specific names of their John Doe defendants so they can’t get proper certificates of merit so throw the whole case out.

Plaintiffs have to use John Doe to name the defendants as it will take more investigation and a little cooperation from the archdiocese to find out what the names are, who the real criminals are -- the ones whose names should replace the thousands of John Does who are defendants in these cases.


Potts also cites a long list of precedents citing cases of office workers who sued their bosses, bakers who sued the bakery, a case concerning State Rubbish Collectors, a medical clinic, L.A. Cellular.

The guys who raped us were Catholic Priests!!!!

No employment arena case has a relevant precedent to cite. The priests screwed with our souls, our very connection to God. It affected us all in a little bit different way than any issue in the State Rubbish Collectors lawsuit or anywhere else in legal history for that matter.

But here we are in Judge Fromholz’ courtroom plodding through motions in one case through to motions in another to another. Remember only about 130 of the civil cases are “fast-tracked” for trial right now. There’s still about 350 more cases on the sidelines waiting.


I keep waiting for a DA to swoop in and say, Enough. Halt the civil trials and do this right as a criminal investigation of the church, with all the crime victims coming in and talking to one team of investigators, so all the details of all the perpetrators would end up in one data bank, with one team of people pursuing the patterns of crime, and connecting the dots.

We can then do the civil cases with all the evidence in one place and no more hiding the pedophiles and their enablers --

Why was the sanity of one combined RICO prosecution against the Church apparently abandoned for this boondoggle of confusing, obfuscating, self-defeating cases.

What we have now is a kind of lopsided justice where a few people whose cases fit a tiny set of criteria get settlements and the church files bankruptcy and life goes on. I don't want a settlement, I don't want money from the church or anyone else. I want this story to come out and the church to take responsibility for the decades of reverberating crimes that grew out of their negligent handling of pedophiles in their midst.

We survivors who don’t have litigatable cases try to eke a sort of vicarious justice out from watching other people’s civil cases go through, after watching them disappear from criminal court. I’m waiting for someone to step in and do the right thing here.

That brings me to Attorney Lee W. Potts of Hennigan Bennett & Dorman, one of the main law firms representing “the Roman Catholic Education and Welfare Corporation,” although they don’t admit to having the church on their client list or mention the relationship anywhere on their website. Thanks to his raging fingers there are about a thousand too many documents being filed in the clergy cases as they head for trials beginning in June.

Maybe I’ll have it all figured out by then.


On the L.A. Superior Court website under JCCP4286 there are more than 300 screens, or pages. Each page lists approximately 35 documents. There are a good three thousand documents available for the speed-reading activist to read on the clergy cases.

Does anybody really know the whole story? Is this the way to find it out just how much criminal activity took place?

One “Declaration of Lee. Potts in Support of Motion to Strike” in one case, BC306406, is 81 pages long. The motions to strike filed January 16 alone fill Screen 236 to 239 if you go in ascending order, or screens 6 to 9 if you go in descending order.

At the February 20 hearing a squirming Lee W. Potts stood in front of Judge Fromholz and said, “There is no legal entity, the service wasn’t proper, there was no return of the summons, it’s a mistake in a name, they served a non-existing entity or served it to the wrong person --

JUDGE FROMHOLZ: Isn’t that already an argument in your demurrer?

LEE POTTS: Yes but ---

And on and on and on and on they will string themselves out on caffeine from now until February 28th when these motions are heard in open court.

Oh by the way the judge denied Potts’ motion and BC308065 will continue on course. It is one of the Kreutzer cases going to jury trial June 11th.

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MW said...

This is a mind boggling Kafkaesque nightmare for you and others who have been so brutally damaged by the sociopathic machinations of the Catholic Church. Their hegonomy will not be easy to breech but for your psychological and spiritual health you must keep trying