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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pedophile Priest Survivor Trying to Get Out the Story

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Still reeling from Mike's case being dismissed this week. They have sworn testimony that the church destroyed personnel records, sworn testimony from the sheriff who arrested the priest in 1977 and charged him with rape that the priest already had a criminal molestation record. Sworn testimony that documents were shredded in 1994 including Servants of the Paracletes related documents --

So the case gets dismissed due to lack of documents.

Note, that the priest's criminal record has also disappeared. This after the bishop visited the DA in the San Bernardino area desert town in 1977. It's blatant obstruction of justice, so blatant that it gets its case thrown out of court.

I'm frustrated because I can't figure out how to get access to all these motions and files to read them. People in corporate media have access to the motions and files, all of which are supposed to be public, and they are, online at five dollars a view. So corporate media can afford access to the documents but corporate media isn't going to write the story. I'm going to write the story but I can't get access to those documents at five dollars a view.

I have this fantasy of just going to the courthouse and asking to see the file and a sweet clerk will hand me a box and point me to a chair and say, Take your time. So last century.

The corruption and control of power in the catholic church is a lot like the way everything in our culture seems to not work any more. When the priority of religious leaders is protecting their assets and staying in business instead of taking responsibility for a string of horrendous victim-ful crimes that went on for decades under its watch -- this is a church mind you -- it's plain evidence that the whole dang culture is gone to hell in a handbasket.

Only the most cliche expression gets it across, because it is so bad that it is totally absurd.

Truth is that the church turned out thousands of us, damaged people, who went out into the world seeking the ruin of souls without even knowing we were doing it. I truly believe that the increase in sex related crimes, especially child molestation, is directly related to the way priests got away with it for so long. Pedophiles can watch the priests and learn their tricks and hey, if a priest can do it, it can't be all bad.

Truth is the L.A. Archdiocese could sell three or four of its parking lots and set up some kind of research and therapy for people who were raped by priests. We need help. Instead we get subpoenaed by high paid archdiocese lawyers.

Truth is no matter what they do they can't keep the truth from coming out.

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